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QINSUN Interpretation of Solenoid Valve Common Troubleshooting-

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:16

The common fault is that the solenoid valve does not work, and it should be checked from the following aspects:

(1) The terminal is loose or the thread is off, the solenoid valve does not is not powered, and the thread may be tightened.

(2) If the coil is burned out, the solenoid valve wiring can be removed and measured with a multimeter. If the circuit is open, the solenoid valve coil is burned out. The reason is that the coil is wet, which causes poor insulation and magnetic flux leakage, which causes excessive current in the coil and burns it, so rainwater must be prevented from entering. In addition, the spring is too hard, the reaction force is too large, the number of coil turns is too small, and the suction force is not sufficient, which may also cause the coil to burn out. . For emergency treatment, the manual knob on the coil can be turned from \"0\" to \"1\" during no operation.rmal to open the valve.

(3) The solenoid valve is blocked. The gap between the gate valve sleeve and the solenoid valve valve core is very small (less than 0.008m), and it is usually assembled in one piece. When mechanical impurities are introduced or there is too little lubricating oil, it is easy to get stuck. The treatment method is to use a steel wire to poke the small hole in the head to make it bounce. The fundamental solution is to remove the solenoid valve, remove the valve core and valve core sleeve, and clean them with CCI4 to make the valve core move flexibly in the valve sleeve . When disassembling, pay attention to the assembly order of components and the position of external wiring, so that the reassembly and wiring are correct, and check whether the oil spray hole of the lubricator is clogged and whether the lubricating oiltion is sufficient.

(4) Leakage. An air leak will cause insufficient air pressure, which will make it difficult to force open and close the valve. This is because the gasket is damaged or the drawer is worn causing air to blow into multiple cavities.

If the switch system electrical solenoid valve fails, you should choose a suitable time to deal with it when the solenoid valve is de-energized. If you cannot complete the treatment within a switch interval, the switch system may be suspended, take it easy.