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Production and construction of polyurethane foam insulation boards in Anhui province

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:23

Anhui Polyurethane foam insulation board production and construction manufacturer

Polyurethane composite board is also called PU sandwich board.
The composite board with polyurethane as the core material is composed of upper and lower layers of colored steel plates and polyurethane foam in the middle. It uses the world\'s advanced six-component online automatic mixed molding technology, which can complete the batching of social batching centers or factories online at one time.Compared with the mixing process, and can be adjusted online according to the temperature, to achieve distinctive, high-strength, energy-saving, green and environmentally friendly building panels.

Because of its good fireproof and moisture-proof performance, it is also often used as an edge-bonding core material of composite panels made of other materials. Polyurethane edge banding composite panels use high quality color coated steel platen as surface materials, and continuous rock wool and glass wool as core materials High-density rigid foamed polyurethane is filled with tongue and groove After foaming and curing under high pressure, it is automatically densely lined and assembled by super-long double-covered belts Compared with traditional hanging cotton maintenance materials, it has it has better fire prevention and heat preservation effects. , more durable performance, easy installation, elegant appearance. It is a maintenance material for steel buildings.

It is generally used for the outer layer of the roof of the building. The board has good thermal insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation effects, and polyurethane does not support combustion, which is in line with fire safety. The combination of upper and lower panels and polyurethane has high strength and rigidity, and the lower panel is smooth and flat, with clear lines, which enhances the aesthetics and flatness.id of the interior increased. Easy to install, short construction time, beautiful, is a new type of building material.
The sandwich panel has light weight, beautiful appearance, good corrosion resistance and can be processed directly. It provides a new type of raw material for construction industry, shipbuilding industry, automobile industry, furniture industry, electrical industry, etc. It has achieved good effects such as replacing wood with steel, efficient construction, energy saving and pollution prevention.

Under the same heat insulation conditions, the comparison diagram of core material of polyurethane composite board and other materials:
Edit this paragraph Application range of polyurethane composite board Polyurethane composite board is used as energy-saving insulation material for buildings, in Europe Developed countries such as China, the United States and Japan are widely used, with a penetration rate of 80%, and the application in my country is minmore than 10%. As an excellent energy-saving and thermal insulation material, polyurethane sandwich panel can provide an efficient solution for solving China\'s energy consumption crisis because of its heat insulation, fire prevention and thermal insulation properties.

Polyurethane sandwich panels are widely used in large industrial factories, cold stores, garages, mobile homes, exhibition halls, stadiums, shopping malls, airports, power plants, villas, hospitals, layers and high-rise office buildings and other areas Insulating properties are mainly applied in roofs and walls of industrial and civil buildings.
Edit this section Air tightness analysis of polyurethane composite panels Advantages of roof panels
Polyurethane roof panels are connected by hidden nails and the panels overlap well. The waterproof groove design effectively prevents rainwater from entering and avoids the cold bridge phenomenon.

40mm peak height, improve the load-bearing capacity of the roof panel. While ensuring the thermal insulation effect of the building, it can effectively reduce the customer\'s construction cost, and the roof pitch can reach 3%.
Advantages of wall panels Concealed nail connection, no visible screws on the surface, the wall of the building is beautiful and smooth.
The bending load-bearing capacity and mechanical properties of the wall are superior, reducing dependence on auxiliary steel structures.
Insulation performance, reducing the cost of building indoor air conditioning units.
A variety of appearance effects, the wall is beautiful.