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Process and testing methods of roller box pilling tester

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Rolling Box Pilling Tester can be used as a quality control method in the garment processing process, or as a research tool to develop new fabric structures, or in the fabric production process. Study of differences. This testing method can be slightly adjusted in terms of operating procedures, tissue samples and friction media according to actual conditions.

The roller box pilling tester is specially designed to test the lint or pilling performance of fabrics under wearing conditions simulated and normal use. , can be used in clothing and automotive interior fabrics, including woven and knitted fabrics.

The roller box type pilling and pilling device uses circular friction motion to produce pills. The machineball ine is driven by a motor and a crankshaft to perform a circular movement at a speed of 58 rpm and an amplitude of 19 mm. The rotation amplitude and friction interface are adjustable.

Rolling process of pilling machine and box pilling

1) Fuzzing: when the fabric is rubbed several times picked up by the outside world, when the friction force is greater than the strength of the fibers or the friction or cohesion force between the fibers, the ends of the fibers are removed to form lint, and lint is formed on the surface fabric to make the fabric lose its shine;

2) Tangled into balls: When the removed fluff is exposed to a certain length, the fluff at a certain distance is tangled into balls due to repeated elongation and retraction due to friction and friction. The small balls formed are connecteds to the surface of the fabric via fixing fibers;

3) The hair ball falls: During the process of friction, washing, wearing and cleaning, the fabric is continuously subjected to force and the fibers connecting the balls are stretched and folded several times. times to break, causing the hairball to fall from the surface of the fabric.

Rolling box pilling testerTest method

The performance of rolling box pilling tester can be used in various tests with various testing instruments, such as rolling box type, brush grinding type, etc. There are several analysis methods for test results:

1) Counting method: i.e. the number of pillings in a specified area;

2) Measuring method: that is, weighing the number of pills on the fabric and the weight of the fallen hairball;

3) Comparison methodSample: Compare the pilled fabric with the standard sample to determine the degree of pilling of the sample. The degree of pilling is divided into five levels. The smaller the number, the greater the pilling of the fabric, and the larger the number, the better the anti-pilling performance;

4) Coordinate representation: Use the ordinate to represent the number of pillings, and the abscissa to represent the starting point of the rubbing time. The ball curve is used to analyze the degree of pilling and the rate of pilling and shedding.

The results show that different instruments and testing methods are used to measure pilling, and there will be different evaluation results. Textile enterprises should adopt corresponding testing methods according to needs.