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Principle of sponge indentation hardness tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:20

Principle of sponge indentation hardness tester

Sponge is a thing that is often used in our lives. We use it often, but we don\'t know how long it lasts, let alone which instrument should we use for testing? Today Test Instrument engineers will give you a good recommendation.

1. Necessary testing instruments for sponges
1. Sponge Fatigue Tester TST-F750-1
2. TST-F750-2 Sponge Indentation Hardness and Fatigue Tester (Two in One)
3. TST-F750 Sponge Indentation Hardness Tester
4. TST-F753 Sponge Life Tester
5. TST-F754 falling ball rebound tester
2. Principle of sponge indentation hardness tester:
TST-F750 sponge indentation hardness tester places the sample between the upper and lower pressure plates, and the upper pressure plate compresses downward toa specified speed. When a sample of a certain size reaches the concavity specified by method A (method B, method C) required by the national standard, the load cell on it will transmit the detected pressure to the computer for processing and l display, thus measuring sponges, foams, etc. Indentation hardness of materials such as samples.