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Precautions for Tear Strength Tester of Medical Clothing

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:116

The tear strength tester for medical clothing is mainly used to measure the tear strength of various woven fabrics such as medical clothing and non-woven fabrics, and can also be used to measure the tear strength thick paper, plastic cloth, electrical equipment. adhesive tape, etc. The applicable standard is mainly the national standard GB/T3917.1 \"Impact pendulum method for the determination of fabric tear\". The instrument is composed of main parts such as a machine base, a support seat and a fan-shaped hammer. Customers who need to make inquiries in a timely manner. In addition, during the process of use, the R&D engineer of qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. said that some points needing attention are as follows:

Installation Precautions:

1. In order toTo avoid swinging of the blower hammer during transport, the instrument uses a screw to secure the sector hammer to the stand, which must be removed before use.

2. After removing the fixing screws, it should be installed on a sturdy workbench with good shock absorption, and a 2mm-3mm thick hard rubber plate should be placed between the instrument and the workbench.

Maintenance Precautions:

1. The instrument should be wiped regularly, and the chuck pointer sliding sleeve should be refueled regularly. But the pointer and the pointer deflector should not contain grease, in order to affect the indication error.

2. The instrument should be placed in a clean, vibration-free work room. When not in use, remove the large and small weight-increasing hammers A, B and the long and short screws and keep them well, and put the instrument on the protective cover.ection to prevent dust from falling.

3. The weighted hammer must not collide to avoid changes in the position of its center of mass and in its weight.

Main parameters:

1. Tear force range: A hammer: 0~16N; Hammer B: 0~32N; Hammer C: 0~64N;

2. Force measurement accuracy: ≤±1 division;

3. Sample size: 100(L)×63 (W)mm;

4. Cutting length: 20±0.2mm;

5. Tearing length: 43mm;

6. Combination test weights meet different testing requirements;

7. There are test ranges of 200cN, 400cN, 800cN, 1600cN, 3200cN, 6800cN, 13600cN and 30000cN;

8. Test units include MN, CN, N, G, KG, OZ, LB are optional.