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Precautions for Safe Operation of Shanghai Boxun Artificial Climate Chamber

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:51

Precautions for safe operation of artificial climate chamber

This device should not be used outdoors. If the device is exposed to rain, it may cause electric leakage and electric shock.

This equipment should only be installed by qualified engineers and technicians or service personnel. If installed by unqualified personnel, it may cause electric shock or fire.

This equipment should be installed on a solid surface and care should be taken to ensure that the equipment does not tip over. If the ground is not firm enough or the installation site is not suitable, personal injury may result from the tipping or overturning of the equipment.

Do not place this device on eand wet location or in a place where it can be splashed with water. Otherwise, accidents such as electric leakage or electric shock may be caused by the reduction of the insulation degree.

This equipment should not be installed where flammable or volatile materials are stored. Failure to do so may cause an explosion or fire.

This appliance should not be installed near acidic or corrosive gas. Otherwise, corrosion may cause electric leakage or electric shock.

Use an electrical outlet with a ground wire to prevent electric shock. If the outlet is not grounded, a ground wire must be installed by a qualified technician.

Do not ground this equipment through gas, water, telephone lines, or lightning rods. The grounding mentioned above causes an electric shockk if the pipeline is not complete.

Use the dedicated power supply specified on the nameplate of this equipment. Using a voltage or frequency other than specified on the rating plate may cause electric shock or fire.

Do not store volatile or flammable substances in this equipment if the container cannot be closed, otherwise an explosion or fire may result.

No metal objects, such as iron nails or wires, should be inserted into any openings or openings or outlets of this equipment, as these objects may damage and moving parts. Accidental contact may cause electric shock or injury.

If you store toxic, noxious or radioactive materials, use this device in a safe area. Improper use can cause harm to peoplehuman health and the environment.

Before repairing or servicing this device, turn off the power switch (if any) and unplug the power cord from the outlet to avoid electric shock or personal injury.

Precautions for safe use


Do not touch things such as plugs with wet hands This may cause electric shock.

Make sure not to inhale any drugs or aerosols around the danger to your health.

Do not splash water directly on the device. This may cause an electric shock or a short circuit.

Do not place a container filled with water on the device. Otherwise, it may cause electric leakage or electric shock due to liquid splash.

Do not drag, entangle, Bundle the power cord, or damage the plug. A damaged power cord or plug may cause fire or electric shock.

Do not use a power cord with a detachable plug. The power cord may cause fire or electric shock.

Users shall not disassemble, repair, or modify the equipment without the permission of our factory or the guidance of authorized service personnel. Otherwise, it may cause fire or personal injury.

If the equipment does not operate normally, unplug the power cord. condition may cause electric shock or fire.

When unplugging the power cord, hold the plug firmly and do not pull on the cord of the Pulling the cord by hand may cause electric shock or fire due to short circuitng.

Unplug the power cord before moving the device . Be careful not to damage the power cord, which may cause electric shock or fire.

If the device is not used for a long time, unplug it from the socket plug. Otherwise, it may cause electric shock, leakage or fire.

If the appliance is not used for a long time in an unattended room, make sure that children cannot reach the appliance and that the door cannot be opened. be closed.

The disposal of equipment at the end of its life should be carried out by appropriate personnel. The door must be removed to avoid accidents such as suffocation.

Do not place plastic bags within the reach of children, plastic bags can cause suffocation accidents.

After dusting the plug, plug the plug firmly into the socket. Dusty plugs or improper placement may cause heat generation or fire.

When a power failure or power failure occurs, it is necessary to check the temperature (humidity), number of stages, timing and other settings to restart the device Startup. Failure to do so may result in damage to saved items due to changes in settings.

When the equipment is not used for a long time after purchase, it should be stored in a ventilated and dry environment. Otherwise, the device may be damaged and not work properly when you turn it on again.

When moving equipment, use suitable handling tools or personnel with handling qualifications and ensure thatt the equipment does not fall over to avoid damage to the equipment or personal injury .

It should be ensured that there is a passage of sufficient width and height. If it needs to be transported to the second floor or above, it should be ensured that the elevator is suitable for the size of the equipment to ensure the safety of the equipment. And make sure there is sufficient space for installation material and personnel.

If the container cannot be sealed, do not store acid, alkali and other corrosive substances in this equipment, otherwise it may cause corrosion of components and electrical components in the box.