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Pipe Chain Conveyor—a device that can transport bulk materials continuously

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:16

Application: continuous transport of bulk materials Transport method: volumetric

Introduction: In the closed pipeline, the chain is used as a transmission component to move the material along the pipeline. With horizontal transport, the material particles are pushed by the chain in the direction of movement. When the internal friction between the material layers is greater than the external friction between the material and the tube wall, the material will move forward with the chain piece to form a stable material flow; in vertical transport, the material particles in the tube are pushed upwards by the chain piece, because the lower part The feed prevents the upper material from sliding down and generates lateral pressure, so that the internal friction of the material is improved. When the internal wriIf the friction between the material is greater than the external friction between the material and the inner wall of the tube and the material\'s own weight, the material is transported upwards with the chain. A continuous flow is created.


1. Volumetric conveying device, which can realize the transportation of materials and measurement. It is easy to realize centralized control, improve the degree of automation, and meet the requirements of modern enterprises for environmental protection.

2. Compact structure, small footprint, can change the conveying direction in three dimensionsrun.

3. The conveyed material is in a closed state from the inlet to the outlet flange. It is not necessary to install a dust collector at the exhaust. It can be filled with gas when transporting materials. During transport it can be guaranteed that no dust will leak into the environment.

4. The material is transported along the pipe smoothly, basically with no internal movement, so the material is less damaged and the slow curvature transport makes it easy Fewer material particles produce debris.

5. According to different feeding conditions, the distance between the inlets can be more than 10 meters.

6. Have the gearsoptimized shoulders, optimized design and use hardened chains with minimal wear.

7. Special transport box. It has extremely low coefficient of friction and stable conveying ability.

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