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Paper tape abrasion tester_RCA Paper tape abrasion tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:36

Main application:
Paper Tape Abrasion Tester_RCA Paper Tape Abrasion Tester is used to test PDA, MP3, CD player, mobile, portable The abrasion resistance of textile surface coating materials with loads of 275 g, 175 g and 55 g, such as computers.

Main parameters:
1. Test load (g): 55gg, 175g, 275g;
2. Test Speed: 16 R/MIN;
3. Machine size: 530*490*410 (mm);
4. Machine weight: 59kg;
5. Power supply: 1Φ, 220V, 5A or .
Paper Tape Abrasion Tester_RCA Paper Tape Abrasion Tester Applicable Scope:
1. Mobile phones, notebook computers, mobile phones, PDA, MP3, CD players and friction test of coatings sprayed on the surface of various plastic shells;
2. Friction resistance test of screen printing on the surface of silicone rubber products;
3. Surface resistance of products that have undergone a surface treatment, such ass electroplating, water plating and vacuum plating Coefficient of friction test, etc.
4. *Designed as a model with dual motors and dual count display:
5. Digital display counter: with preset times function, and it will automatically stop when it reaches the default value;
6. Mechanical counter: available It is used for cumulative friction times, which can remind users to replace friction rings in time after they reached the number of times.

Key Features:
1. Has the function to stop when the number reaches;
2. Has the function of stopping when the paper breaks;
3. Can reduce product testing error;
4. It can save paper for customers during testing.
Test description:
1. Roll the unoiled paper or tape to rub against the sample and evaluate the abrasive effect at a certain number of revolutions;br />2. For softer materials, reduce the load by 55g or 175g;
3. With a magnifying glass for viewing;
4. Counter: digital counter (LCD display, 0-9999 can set the number of revolutions).