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Operation method and process of electronic peel and crack tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2022-11 Click:140

The e-paper peel and tear tester is a kind of stress testing equipment. During operation, researchers try not to move away from the device. According to the tester manufacturer\'s operating instructions, the correct method of use can make the whole experiment process smoother and make the experiment results more accurate. This article focuses on operating peel or crack testing equipment. For more instructions, please contact the sales department of the winning bid for details!

1. Sample preparation:
The preparation and inspection of peeled samples must be carried out in strict accordance with the tear strength in the standard GB/T 528-2009.

2. The operation method of the electronic paper peeling tear tester:
(1) Turn on the power, turn on the power button of the host on the right side of the device, pay attention to whether the air movement of the moving beam is enough to prevent the beam from moving Touch the sensor.
(2) Klem fasten the sample made to the stand between the upper chuck and the lower chuck.
(3) Open the measuring and control software of the testing machine and enter the sample information and parameters.
(4) Adjust the test speed. In general, the test speed of non-metallic materials is between 200-300 mm/min. Customize according to standard requirements.

(5) After everything is done, click the start button and the experiment will be automatically reset and recorded.
(6) After the test, print the test results as required, analyze and keep the test reports, etc.

As a commonly used mechanical property measurement and testing equipment, the electronic peeling tester is mainly used

Operation method and process of electronic peel and crack tester

Used in the inspection of peeling and stretching of various adhesive materials and products. This is very important to help manufacturers improve the performance of related productsn to improve and improve.

If the peeling, for example, the amount of experienced medical tapes often used in clinical practice is too high, it will easily delay the time for medical personnel to treat patients\' wounds, and if the strength is too is low, the adhesion of the medical tape itself will deteriorate, reduce its quality use function. Only by keeping the peel strength within a reasonable range can manufacturers produce more and better products to meet market demand.

At present, ASRI Instruments has independently developed two horizontal electronic peel testing machines, which can simultaneously perform 90-degree and 180-degree peel testing, and meet the multi-angle and wide-range testing needs of users.

The ASR-200N Electronic Peeling Tester and ASR Electronic Peeling Tester developed by ASRI Instruments are horizontal structures with experience in testing the peeling strength. The system is driven by precision screw, which can effectively improve the displacement accuracy and realize the function of no speed adjustment. Not only that, the measured value has three data: maximum value, average value and real-time value, which can effectively help users analyze data and find the direction of improvement. The test results can be statistically output automatically, which largely helps the manpower to save time and realize artificial intelligence.

At the moment the introduction of the electronic strip tester from ASRI Instruments is proceeding similarly as above.

As an experienced packaging material inspection company in the industry, ASRI Instruments has always had great advantages in the inspection of various adhesive products. The developed instrument can measure almost a hundred kinds of materials, such as adhesives, tapes, themadhesive, medical patches, protective films, release paper, composite films, artificial leather, etc. It really becomes a choice for customers to invest once and benefit for life.