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Operating the Taber Abrasion Tester معدات اختبار

Author:QINSUN Released in:2022-12 Click:106

Product Introduction

Recently, some customer service representatives have reported that the wear-resistant Taber instrument is not working properly . Here, Shanghai Qianshi reminds everyone that the Taber abrasion tester is widely used in testing the performance of metals, paints, plate surfaces, coating materials, textiles, leather, rubber and other fields. We must work correctly when using it to avoid malfunctions. So, how does the Taber Abrasion Tester work? Below we will bring you relevant introductions.

Test preparation:

1. Mount the sample on the test turntable, select the required test weight and install it, and make sure that the test grinding wheel does not come into contact with the sample mount during the test.

2. Turn the governor switch to the lowest position.

3. After setting the number of tests according to the test requirementthen the whole machine is in test state.

Operatiover specifications:

1. Connect the correct power supply 220V or 110V according to the label

2. Turn the governor switch to the minimum, in order to avoid overspeed, cause machine deviation.

3. Turn on the power, test the machine first, and turn off the power if there is no abnormality.

4. Press the reset button to reset the counter to zero. Set the number of times to test according to the requirements, and the counter can be set to 99999999 times.

5. Press the RST key on the counter to clear the counter, press the > key for five seconds to enter the test number setting, and the eight digits on the counter represent from bottom right to top left respectively from one to tens of millions, such as Set 280360 times, then press the > key to adjust the beat value to the third upper left digit Press the ∧ key to enter the valueset to 2, then press the > key to adjust the beat value to the top left fourth digit Press the ∧ key to set the value If it is 8, press the > key to adjust the beat value to the third digit from bottom right, press ∧ key to set value to 3, then press > key to adjust beat value to second bottom right number, press ∧ key to set value. It is 6 and other positions can be set to zero. Set the number of times required for the test according to the test requirements:

6. Press the start button and the whole machine will enter the test state.

7. Adjust the regulator to adjust the speed to the required test speed.

8. Turn on the power switch of the vacuum cleaner to make it work.

9. After testing the number of times set by the counter, the machine will automatically stop and enter standby status.

10. Turn off the power,remove the sample and clean the machine.

How does the Taber Abrasion Tester work? Shanghai Qianshi reminds everyone that it is necessary not only to operate the wear-resistant instrument correctly, but also to do relevant maintenance work in time:

1. The instrument should be placed on a stable surface before use ;

2. It is not allowed to move the machine during use;

3. Select the corresponding power supply voltage, power off Do not be too high to prevent the device from burning out;

4. If the instrument is abnormal, please contact our company for timely processing;

5. The machine should have good ventilation during the working environment;

6. For each part of the button mechanism, due to the large workload, add lubricant oil in time the mechanical part;

7. Clean the machine after each test and keep the machine clean.