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Operating requirements for vertical mixers

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Vertical mixer work requirements

Vertical Mixer Operational Requirements

  When the vertical mixer is running, it is forbidden to add materials before starting, and the power supply should not exceed the rated capacity of the putty powder mixer. The console of the vertical mixer should allow the operator to see the working conditions of each department. The instruments and indication signals are accurate and reliable and the operators must not have blind spots in the field of view. During the operation, it is forbidden to put your head or hands into the gap between the funnel and the frame to observe and feel the nutritional status, and it is nott allowed to use hands or hammers to pick up materials in the mixing vessel near the top of the operation, or put putty powder at the mouth of the vessel. If a malfunction occurs during operation and the operation cannot be performed, the power supply should be cut first, and the putty powder should be poured into the mixer for maintenance and troubleshooting. When the top hopper of the double helix mixer is raised, it must be secured with a safety chain or a latch and it is forbidden to work or walk under it. The upper hopper cushion should be installed at the bottom of the material pit, and the upper hopper should be chained when cleaning the material pit. At the end of work, thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the mixer and the surrounding area of ​​the mixer, cut off the power supply and lock the power control box. If the double helix mixer gparked for a long time for more than three months, the upper hopper should be removed for storage and the bearing should be cleaned and rust-proofed.

  Maintenance of the vertical mixer is an important and regular operation. It must work closely with operations and maintenance, and full-time personnel must be present to monitor and protect the machine. The bearing bears all the angular load of the machine, so proper lubrication has a good relationship with the service life of the bearing, which directly affects the service life and working speed of the machine, so the injected lubricating oil must be clean and the seal must Rolling bearings, roller bearings, all gears, movable bearings and sliding surfaces are the main lubrication points of this machine. The strap of the new device is easy to loosen, so it is necessary to recheck regularly. Make sure that all parts of the machine are working normally. Pay attention to checking the degree of wear of consumable parts and replace worn parts at any time.