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Online Water Quality Analyzer

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:54

Online water quality analyzer can be widely used in automatic water environment monitoring stations, aqueducts, regional water boundary points, water analysis rooms, etc. water quality, water quality monitoring of hexavalent chromium content in wastewater and discharged wastewater and monitoring of the aquatic environment by environmental regulatory agencies at all levels monitor.

Measurement methods of online water quality analyzer are as follows:

COD measurement methods include ultraviolet rapid determination method and potassium dichromate method;

Use Nessler\'s reagent method, salicylic acid method, and potassium dichromate rapid determination method \'electrode;

There is an ammonium molybdate colorimetric method and a die method.rapid ultraviolet termination for total phosphorus;

There are ultraviolet spectrophotometry and reduction colorimetry for total nitrogen;

There are optical colorimetry and anodic dissolution method for heavy metals.

Online Water Quality Analyzer Product Features:

1. Using EPA approved methods, in accordance with HJ/T399-2007 standards, the measurement is accurate and efficient.

2. Imported cold light source with high brightness and long life, optical performance, light source life of up to 100,000 hours.

3.5 inch large LCD screen, full display in Chinese, read data directly, simple operation and save time.

4. Integrated digestion and colorimetry, no need to change tubes, easy and fast measurement, no safety risk.

5. It can record 80 stand curvesard and 1800 measured values ​​(date, time, parameters, test data).

6. Memory standard working curve, users can also calibrate the curve according to their needs.

7. It has curve cover interference function to prevent wrong operation from covering curves.

8. With data storage function and data power-off protection function, it is suitable for querying historical measurement data and avoiding data loss.

9. The digestion instrument adopts intelligent PID temperature control technology and double overheating protection system, with safe and even heating and fast speed. It is used for the digestion of COD, total phosphorus, total nitrogen and other elements.