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New opportunities for my country\’s instrumentation industry under the construction of \”One Belt and One Road\”

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:44

New opportunities for my country\'s instrumentation industry through the construction of \"One Belt and One Road\"

More than 2,000 years ago, Zhang Qian visited the regions Western countries on mission and opened a land trade channel between China and Central Asia, Western Asia and Europe. , which promoted the integration of Eastern and Western civilizations. Today, more than two thousand years later, our country has proposed the initiative to jointly build the \"Silk Road Economic Belt\" and the \"21st Century Maritime Silk Road\" and is striving to promote universal, rules-based, open and non-profit construction. trade with the World Trade Organization as its core. discriminatory and equitable multilateral trading system. On May 14-15, 2017, the Belt and Road Forum on International Cooperation was held with great fanfare in Beijing, China. Lhe governments, local governments and enterprises of various countries have reached a series of cooperative consensus, important measures and practical results.

“UnBelt, One Road” has accelerated the development of the international market. As the foundation of the national economy, instrumentation and other manufacturing industries will also face new opportunities and challenges.

Energy industries such as oil and natural gas have always been important points of support in the construction of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative. Central Asian countries located on the “Silk Road Economic Belt” have rich oil and gas reserves and have always been key areas for foreign energy cooperation. At present, my country has carried out the exploration, development, production and operation of the Amu Darya natural gas field inTurkmenistan, the construction and operation of the Central Asian Gas Pipeline, as well as the corresponding import and trade of natural gas.

In the process of development and transportation of oil, natural gas and other energy sources, a series of equipment and facilities such as various liquid level instruments and flow meters to measureThe development of coalbed methane and other industries also determines the development of the petroleum equipment industry.

The implementation of the “One Belt, One Road” strategy provides potential for exporting equipment such as liquid level instruments and flow meters to my country. In recent years, China\'s exports of liquid flow instruments, liquid level instruments and other instruments have increased. From January to September 2016, China exported a total of 15.9597 million flow and liquid level instruments, accounting for aincrease of 4.5575 million year by year, an increase of 39.97%, and the export value was 2,128.99. With the exploration and development of oil and gas resources and the construction of transportation corridors in countries and regions along the Belt and Road, it is estimated that this number will continue to increase.

In addition, the development of the “One Belt and One Road” market is also of great importance to my country\'s electricity industry. This will provide new investment opportunities in China\'s power grid construction and open a new model for Chinese overseas power equipment. Along the same lines, electrical energy Electrical equipment such as meters will also benefit and benefit from considerable development opportunities.

Countries located along the “Belt and Road”China\'s electricity generation and power grid rely heavily on external sources and lack strong domestic equipment manufacturers and general engineering contractors. In India, the construction of electricity networks is still in a growth phase and depends heavily on imports. At present, India\'s distribution network equipment is backward and power theft is serious. In 2014, India successively released urban and rural distribution network upgrade plans, focusing on investment in smart meters, distribution network automation and other areas, which constitutes a huge market for the country.electric meter companies. With the construction of the \"One Belt and One Road\" initiative, Chinese electricity meter companies are expected to further expand their market share in India and introduce \"Made in China\" to India.

With the implementationThe work of the “One Belt, One Road” strategy, the ancient Silk Road is once again full of vitality. My country\'s instrumentation companies will also pave the way for a wider market space. Only by seizing opportunities, improving R&D innovation capabilities and strengthening brand building can they achieve greater development in the international market.