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my country\’s ambient noise market has enormous potential أداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:48

China\'s ambient noise market has huge potential

In recent years, with the improvement of people\'s living standards, people pay more and more attention to the quality of the acoustic environment . Environmental noise pollution has become an important environment for people. question.
Recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection released the “Report on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Noise Pollution in China in 2017”. According to the report, relevant departments received a total of 1.190 million environmental complaints in 2016, including 522,000 noise complaints, accounting for 43.9 percent of total environmental complaints. Noise pollution in the environment has seriously affected people\'s normal work, study and rest.
After years of efforts, China\'s ambient noise monitoring has acquired the ability to regularly monitor ambient noiseant, but there are still many problems.
Currently, my current environmental noise monitoring mainly includes acoustic environmental quality monitoring and noise pollution source monitoring. In the context of acoustic environmental quality monitoring, the urban regional environmental grid method is generally used for noise monitoring. This monitoring method requires the establishment of more than 100 effective monitoring networks of equilateral length in the area to be monitored. The monitoring network is located in the center of the grid, and each click tests for 10 minutes. This monitoring method represents a huge workload. At the same time, due to the short sampling time and strong randomness, the test values ​​of each monitoring point cannot truly reflect the conditionss acoustic environment of the monitoring point and the city, and cannot fully meet the public\'s environmental awareness and concerns. noise. demands and cannot meet environmental management needs.
In monitoring sources of noise pollution, monitoring sources of noise pollution is different from monitoring air and water pollution. The spatial distribution of noise is discontinuous and is strongly affected by factors such as buildings. Only by using the multiple sampling method can we more accurately reflect the average noise pollution level in an area. However, because current monitoring instruments are all portable and require the presence of monitoring personnel, many points waste a lot of manpower and material resources. As a result, most measures ofNoise monitoring remains only at the stage of simple data acquisition, and there is no time for further analysis and evaluation, which leads to a delay in the level of ambient noise monitoring in our country.
With emphasis on monitoring the acoustic environment in my country and formulating environmental protection standards such as the “Technical Specification for Environmental Noise Monitoring , correction of the noise measurement value\" and the \"Technical Specification for the Environment\"Specification for Monitoring Mental Noise from Structurally Transmitted Fixed Equipment\", the noise monitoring technology provides more standardized operability and puts ahead of higher requirements for noise monitoring instruments. Due to the late start of the development of automatic noise monitoring instruments in my country,the automatic noise monitoring instrument The monitoring instruments in most noise monitoring stations across the country generally have problems such as low technical content, single function, poor stability and reliability. Automatic noise monitoring instruments are in urgent need of upgrading. Building an automatic acoustic environment monitoring system is an urgent task and realistic requirement.
Building an automatic acoustic environment monitoring system, from current manual monitoring to automation and intelligenceIt is evolving in the direction of surveillance based on automation and networking; it evolves from single monitoring to integrated monitoring, and the monitoring methods are diversified; it organically combines the state of the acoustic environment with sensing technology, technologyInternet of Things, etc. to form a modern, automatic ambient noise monitoring system; Continue to increase technological innovation to improve the technical level and competitiveness of environmental noise monitoring technologies and instruments, accelerate the process of instrument localization; accelerate the formulation of corresponding regulations for automatic noise monitoring, and gradually establish regional automated noise environment monitoring networks in some large and medium-sized city systems.
At present, the total output value of China\'s environmental noise industries is about 13.2 billion yuan, showing a slow upward trend; there are approximately 600 companies specializing in industries related to noise and vibration control, with fewer than 20,000 employees? The development potentialnt duThe environmental noise monitoring industry remains to be explored.
In the future, the construction of automated and networked automatic environmental noise monitoring system is an inevitable trend in the modernization of acoustic environmental monitoring. The construction of an advanced environmental monitoring and early warning system as well as a modern automatic monitoring system is an important part of the overall promotion of the construction of automatic acoustic environmental monitoring stations. Therefore, as an emerging market, the automatic acoustic environment monitoring instrument market has a very broad outlook.