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More Information about Shear or Scratch Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2016-10 Click:1501

Shear or Scratch Tester

Useful in quality control as well as materials and product development, the applications are diverse. The Shear/Scratch Tester is ideal for evaluating adhesive qualities of surface coatings, detecting the lack of homogeneity in comparative materials, rating similar or competitive materials, or analyzing the effects of age under controlled environmental conditions.
Precision, calibrated weights provide a flexible testing range for a variety of product. The Shear/Scratch Tester can test rigid organic materials, adhesive coatings, paints, powder coatings, anodized materials, soft metals, synthetics, linoleum, laminates, plastics, glass, plus many others.

Using precision tips, the Taber Multi-Finger Scratch/Mar Tester is used to measure the susceptibility of material surfaces to scratching, marring, gouging and other similar physical damage not classified as ordinary wear.

Specimens are secured to a pneumatically driven platform. Five independent spline-shaft fingers with varying weights exert a constant, vertical load on the test specimen as it travels under interchangeable scratch tips. Spline-shaft fingers are mounted on a rigid gantry platform. Support rests allow the operator to secure individual shafts in a rest position, permitting the testing of non-standard width samples.

The ‘five-finger’ scratch tester has been popular in the automotive industry for testing smooth or grained plastics commonly used in ornamentation or trim. Useful for quality control as well as material or product development, the Multi-Finger Scratch/Mar Tester is ideal for evaluation of plastics, rigid organic materials, paints and coatings, soft metals, linoleum and many more.