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Moment of the 19th National Congress | SAIC\’s new energy vehicle testing team has intensified its efforts.

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:100

Moments of the 19th CPC National Congress | SAIC\'s new energy vehicle testing team strengthened

At No. 201 Anyan Road, the new energy technology laboratory of SAIC Group Technology Center is working day and night. Various testing machines operate around the clock, and technicians and engineers work in shifts.

In the laboratory, the reporter met Shao Hua, senior director of the testing department, and she had a lot to say about the development of new energy vehicles. \"A few years ago, we couldn\'t see the future. We didn\'t know if the direction was right or if consumers would accept it. We didn\'t have the confidence to run experiments. It\'s different now. We can\'t even organize the testing tasks and the size of the laboratory has expanded. It has expanded again and again. Today more than 60,000 vehiclesRoewe new energy drives on the road. Everyone is more and more motivated and rushing to test, hoping that the next-generation technology will be applied to new models as soon as possible. \"

To explore the first generation of new energy plug-in hybrid technology, it took SAIC five years to For the laboratory team, the most painful thing at the beginning was to not having any experience to rely on. The team crossed the river by feeling the stones, accumulating users little by little, improving the design and verification specifications, and establishing their own experimental system step by step.

“Three years ago, when General Secretary Xi Jinping came to inspect SAIC, we were carrying out a 160,000-kilometer endurance test on the Roewe e950 on our test bench. This is the first generation of plug-in hybrid technology whiche be applied to verification tests of a larger number of models. Xi Jinping said that the development of new energy vehicles is the only way for China to transform from a major automobile country to a powerful automobile country. This sentence gives our R&D staff great confidence. Now the test bench is underway. The research and development verification of second-generation plug-in hybrid technology has been increased from 160,000 kilometers to 320,000 kilometers. The evaluation standards are stricter and the testing conditions are more scientific.\" Shao Hua said with deep emotion.

According to Zhang Dong, director of new planning and energy platform of SAIC Passenger Vehicle Company, the research and development of new energy vehicles is a systematic project that cannot be separated from electronic control, battery and division of labor andthe cooperation of the “three electric systems” of electric propulsion. To use a vivid metaphor, the electronic control is the \"brains\", the battery is the \"heart\", and the electric drive system is the \"legs and feet\". The laboratory is currently working hard to verify the capabilities of the new generation of “three powers” ​​technologies. \"Every technical improvement and product performance improvement is must be accompanied by a large number of repeated tests. From Hainan with over 40℃ to Heilongjiang with minus 40℃, from the plains to the plateaus with an altitude of 5,000 meters, we go there every year Run.\"

 \" Let\'s take a look at this concept car, \"Wing of Light\". It is a purely electric super coupe. It not only has a vehicle-wide Internet system, but also allows every component of the car to be online. The future \"Wings of Light\" will run faster and pread safely on real roads and virtual Internet roads. \"Zhang Dong showed a cool car photo and said confidently: \"SAIC has the confidence to challenge Tesla. The market will prove that we are on the right track, step by step. \"