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Modal fiber knitted fabric test by roller box pilling tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-08 Click:135

Rolling box pilling tester is used for pilling or snags caused by normal wear and tear. It is equipped with a controller, which can be tested with standard and other test speeds. It is also equipped with programmable reverse rotation at 30 rpm. system. The box type pilling tester is widely used in textile pilling test and has certain requirements for different standards. Qisnun Precision Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer. Welcome customers who need to inquire.

Applicable standards:

GB/T4802.3, ISO12945.1, BS5811, JISL1076, IWSTM152

Main parameters:

1 .Number of pilling boxes: 4;

2. Box size: 235 × 235 × 235 mm;

3. Box speed: 60 ± 2 rpm ;

4. Counting range: 1~99999 times;

5. Sample loading tube: shape Φ31.5×140mm, 4pcs/box;

6. Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz, 120W.

Modal fiber knitwear is soft, smooth, silky, comfortable to wear, have excellent air permeability and moisture absorption, and has silky luster, bright color and other characteristics.

Knitted underwear generally requires functions such as comfort, softness, breathability, warmth and elasticity. In order to meet the above requirements, in recent years, in addition to using natural fiber cotton, knitted underwear also used a large number of cellulose fibers with functions similar to cotton fibers, and now the most used are modal and artificial fibers.

Principle of the test:

Put three samples of the same size into a tester equipped with a standard cap, and the sample is rolled into a cylinder with a stirring rod, and is mixed with other samples of\'essay. rubbing of the sample or the cylinder wall, resulting in a pilling phenomenon. Usually spin freely at high speed for 30 minutes, take it out, suck up excess debris with a vacuum cleaner, compare it with the standard sample under standard visual conditions, and evaluate the pilling property of the fabric by ser say, 1st year poor, 5th year Well, half a year is allowed.