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Microbial penetration resistance tester (wet) QS-RA15

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:42


Used to measure penetration uses performance of bacteria in the fluid when the material is subjected to mechanical friction (the shielding performance of the fluid against the intrusion of bacteria through the mechanical friction chamber); The wet-resistant bacterial penetration tester is mainly used for medical operations, surgical clothing and clean clothing. etc.


1.The copy was published A AGAR plate and a piece of mushroom of the same sizeplates were placed on the test. Then a cake was formed. A layer of high-density polyethylene film with a thickness of about 10 microns was covered. Three layers of material (the sample was at the bottom, the mushroom plate was in the middle, and the polyethylene film was at the top) were glued together to form a conical steel ring.

2.The test is about: act on the material in such a way that it can move across the surface of the petri dish, so that the material is subjected to stress by the combined effects of pressure and friction.

3.This simulation may affect the barrier material in the actual application process and microbial penetration under wet conditionsn are applied.

4. The microbes on the bacterial layer penetrate the test material and migrate to the surface of the agar medium. And colony counting, quantitative assessment of the penetration properties of the test material.