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Method for evaluating tests in the maintenance of frequency converters

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:47

Before maintenance, not only pay attention to the cleanliness of the power supply equipment, but also pay attention to the leakage of the damaged power supply equipment. Wear working clothes to test current or voltage according to standard operating procedures, which can facilitate and speed up circuit development.

First of all, the maintenance of the inverter not only requires a high level of operation for testing, but also requires the inverter maintenance personnel to have a certain practical experience. Common UPS maintenance methods include static testing and dynamic testing. There are two different basic test methods. In addition to using the tester to test the inverter module data of the circuit, the basic state of the rectifier circuit is also tested. If the resistor value is unbalanced during the test, it means the bridgerectifier or starting resistor appeared. Default.

Secondly, in addition to testing the inverter circuit of the ring inverter maintenance, dynamic testing is also required. Before the test, first turn on the test machine, then confirm whether the input voltage is abnormal. In the event of an explosion or other anomalies, pay particular attention to the presence of a varistor. At this point you can quickly check if the outlets of the inverter are correctly connected. If there are any loose connectors, it can also cause the inverter to malfunction.

When the inverter is being repaired, it must undergo several tests to determine the root cause of the problem. Generally, cable damage can damage the inverter module. Only when the interfaces are correctly connected and the test fails. The inverter can only be restarted in the event of an error. If there is no display after thepower on, it may be due to damage to the control panel. At this stage, it is necessary to consider replacing the old device with a new one.