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\”Method for detecting mercury in automotive materials\” أداة الاختبار –

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\"Method for detecting mercury in automobile materials\"

Direct measurement method for mercury

4.3.1 Principle of the method

Method 3 is for reference EPA 7473 \"Determination of mercury in solid and liquid samples by thermal decomposition and cold atomic method\"

Standard. EPA Method 7473 lists the Milestone DMA-80 Direct Mercury Analyzer for the determination of mercury in solids and liquids. Weigh an appropriate amount of sample, place it in the oxidative decomposition furnace of the instrument, and use heat and chemical action to decompose the sample.

By selectively adsorbing mercury in the sample, it is released by heating and detected by a single wavelength atomic absorption spectrophotometer

Mercury content in the sample.

4.3.2 Sample preparation

Samples do not needbe prepared, general polymers, organic coatings and other solid samples pipette 100 mg (accuracy to 0.1

mg) for testing, up to a maximum of 500 mg. For liquor liquid samples, pipette 100 μL (to the nearest 1 μL)

sample to be tested, up to a maximum of 500 μL.

4.3.3 Detection

See Appendix A for instrument parameter setting, and the best detection conditions of the instrument are noted.

4.4 Other factors affecting test results

1) The influence of environmental conditions

Due to the presence of benzene, toluene and ammonia in water In the laboratory environment, acetone and nitrogen oxides are absorbed at a wavelength of 253.7 nm. When they reach a certain concentration, they will affect the measurement results. These influencing factors must be taken into account and the detection of mercury content must bere performed in

Avoid using the above reagents at the same time.

Result determined. When measuring the sample, the concentration of the detection solution ranges from low to high; the spectrophotometer tube on the mercury detector, the inner wall of the tube should be straight and smooth, without condensation of water vapor, it can be removed for cleaning, boiled, then dried, to avoid errors caused by adsorbed traces of mercury


5. Standard level

This standard mainly refers to IEC 62321 and related standards and materials at home and abroad, and is stipulated in relevant standard materials

On the basis of the test method, the measurement conditions are determined for the types and characteristics of automotive materials.

The determination methods specified in this standard can basically meet the determination of the contentmercury in most automotive materials. Try

test recipeThe measurement accuracy of this method is higher, the content is more complete, and the measurement steps are more detailed.