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MC-7806 Needle moisture meter

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:23

Product introduction

Specification model: MC-7806Needle Moisture Analyzer

(needle type , wood, tobacco, paper, seed cotton, Chinese medicinal materials, cardboard)

Product application: Pin type moisture meter is applied to wood, wood fiber materials such as Determination of moisture content of non-conductive materials such as bamboo products, woodwork, Chinese herbal medicines, tobacco, cotton, paper, etc.

Product Features

* With the aid of computer technology, the measuring range is wide and the accuracy high.

* One machine with multiple functions. It can not only measure the moisture content, but also measure the ambient temperature around the stylus.

* Digital display, no parallax.

* LCD is dynamically controlled. Low power consumption and greatly improved instrument life.

* With low voltage indication function.

* The stylus is separated from the body of the instrument for easy access.

* The whole machine uses durable and optimal electronic components, and the shell is made of lightweight and hard ABS plastic, which is beautiful and generous.

Technical specifications