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Mask tightness tester QS-RA12-3

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:36


To prevent infections in medical settings At the workplace and during work, employees must be protected from inhalable hazardous substances and respiratory protective devices such as masks must be worn during work. Based on your facial features, select and evaluate a respirator such as a mask, and the face to check for any gaps or leaks that endanger workers. The mask tightness tester can test the tightness of respiratory protective devices, e.g. B. Masks, quickly complete to ensure that they provide good protection performance. Based on the results of the leak test, safety experts will also develop protection concepts and standard regulations. Far fromwidely used in hospitals, manufacturing plants, manufacturing plants and firefighting workplaces and other official testing agencies.


1.Quantitative leak test for Respiratory protective devices such as masks (QNFT );2. Applies to the leak test of 100/99 / P3 / HEPA series disposable filter masks (includingN95 / N90 / KN95 and other disposable dust masks); 3.Adhesion test of half mask and full face mask;4.Gas mask leak test;5.PAPR mask tightness test;6.Tightness test for respiratory masks; 8.7 inch true color touchscreen ;9.Independent or computer controlled;10.With CNC technology;11.English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese language switching display;12.Complies with US OSHA standards and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) guidelines, including N95;13.Equipped with a variety of communication interfaces ( USB, Ethernet) and can also activate WLAN.