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Martindale Abrasion Test Specimen Fracture Test Method

Author: Released in:2023-02-17 Click:35

1. Test Instrument:
Martindale Abrasion Tester—Standard Group Hong Kong Co., Ltd.

2. Test standard:
GB/T 21196.2

3. Test Principle:
The fabric to be tested is placed in the upper sample holder and rubbed against the abrasive placed on the grinding table. The friction trajectory is a Lissajous figure. The abrasion resistance of the fabric was determined based on the total number of rubs to break of the sample.

Fourth, the definition of sample damage:
When the sample meets the following conditions, it is damaged and reaches the sample friction end point.
(1) At least two independent yarns in the woven fabric are completely broken
(2) A yarn break in the knitted fabric causes a hole in the appearance
(3) Pile or lint on the surface of the cut pile fabric is worn to the bottom or the tufts fall off
(4) The non-woven fabric has holes caused by rubbingg, with a diameter greater than 0.5 mm
(5) The coating portion of the coated fabric is destroyed. The base dust is visible or the flaky coating has peeled off.

V. Test steps:
(1) Sample installation: The sample is installed in the sample holder. Center the sample on the compression nut of the sample fixture, with the friction surface of the sample facing down, and the size of the sample is 38.0 + 50 mm. When the weight of the sample is less than 500 g/m2, place the foam pad on the sample. Insert the insert into the union nut, place the sleeve of the sample holder on top and tighten.
(2) Abrasive Installation: Place the felt on the grinding table and put the abrasive on the felt. When placing the abrasive, the warp and weft threads of the abrasive material should be parallel to the edge of the instrument table. When installing, press the heavy hammer on the felt and abrasive on the grinding table, dtighten the clamping ring and remove the pressurized heavy hammer after fixing.
(3) Combination and Pressure Control: Combine any device and load a pressurized block. Different friction loads are applied to different types of fabric:
a) workwear, upholstery fabrics, bedding, industrial fabrics: (795±7)g
b) clothing and home textiles: (595±7) g
c ) Wearable coated fabric: (198±2) g
(4) Friction at startup. (5) Determination of sample breakage: Measure the total friction times when each sample breakage occurs.

6. Instrument parameters
(1) Number of stations: 9 digits;
(2) Counting range: 0-999999 times
(3) Maximum stroke: Horizontal 60.5 ± 0.5 mm, vertical 24 ± 0.5mm
(4) Mass of pressurized material: container: 200 ± 1 g, clothing sample weight: 395 ± 2 g, furniture decoration weight: 594 ± 2 g, stainless steel disc: 260 ± 1 g.
(5) Effective friction diameter of grinding block:
A type 200g (1.96N) friction head (9KPa)¢28.8-0.084mm
B type 155g (1.52N) Friction Sweeping head (12 KPa) ¢90-0.1mm
(6) Relative moving speed between holder and grinding table: 20-70r/min (adjustable)
(7) Quality of sample loading hammer: 2385±10g

7. Notes:
(1) Strictly implement the relevant specifications of the test samples and auxiliary materials in the standard. (2) When the weight of the test material is less than 500g/m2, it is necessary to add foam plastic to the sample container. (3) Apply different pressures according to different types of samples.
(4) Pay attention to the effective life of the auxiliary materials: replace the abrasive material every 50,000 rubbing times of the wool abrasive, and replace the sandpaper every 6,000 times. (5) During the test, first set a certain number of rubbing times, and see if the sample is worn out after this number of rubbing times (carefully remove the sample and observe the surface), if there is no damage, put it back op the instrument for the next test One inspection interval test is evaluated until the fabric wears out.

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