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Martindale abrasion resistance tester leather shoe material abrasion resistance test

Author:QINSUN Released in:2021-11 Click:317

The abrasion resistance test is greatly influenced by the conditions of the test, such as the nature of the abrasion resistant cloth, the difference in the action of the specimen on the abrasion resistant cloth, the tension of the specimen, the pressure between the specimen and the abrasion resistant cloth, and the change in the size of the specimen will all affect its abrasion resistance.

Martindale abrasion tester test method:

The Martindale abrasion tester can test a minimum of four samples at the same time and a maximum of nine samples at the same time. Each test position contains a protruding circular base which has a flat circular ring to clamp the abrasive object, etc. The test object clamped on the cylinder, in the addition of a load (weight), if not add a weight, the weight of the plate on the abrasive object generated by the pressure of about 0.1342Kg/cm2 or 13.16Kpa, different test methods, you can choose different weight (weight) test object fixture, test sample holders driven by the plate, the output of a Lissajous (Lissajous) graphic movement direction, but each A test sample holder axis on the plate. For free rotation, a graphical sample of the test object is clamped on the fixture, and a specified weight is placed on the chuck to hold the test object in contact with the standard abrasive material below (cloth sandpaper, etc., as determined by different test standards) to produce a Lissajous graph. And produce a multi-directional abrasion. For each completed Lissajous pattern, the counter jumps 16 times and the time is about 20±1 seconds. Martindale abrasion tester test operation steps.

Martindale abrasion resistance tester leather shoe material abrasion resistance test

Martindale abrasion resistance tester operation method:

1、Preparation of specimen
In the standard environment, flat, no stretching state according to the different standard requirements placed for a period of time. Such as 24 h (G B / T 4 80 2 .2 a 19 97), 16h (EN ISO 12947-4:1998)

2、Selecting of specimens
Cut a piece of specimen from different parts of the whole door width fabric, the specimen should be representative. If it is a fancy fabric, the specimen should include all the different tissues and colors presented on the fabric surface;

3、Take off the load and the load shaft from the testing machine;

4, remove the top plate and test fixture;

5、The device of specimen:

Loosen the fixing ring on the test fixture, take off the specimen press and put the specimen into the test fixture base. The test fabric is not more than 500 g / m2, in the specimen and the specimen clip between the metal plug pad a polyester foam; more than 500 g / m2, or composite fabric, then no foam pad. Specimens on each specimen clip, should be subject to the same tension.

6, wool felt and friction cloth device:

Put the felt and abrasive on the grinding table, put the weight on the abrasive, then put on the pressure ring, tighten the nut, so that the pressure ring to fix the abrasive on the grinding table.

7、Put the abrasive head on the abrasive and put pressure on it;

8、Place the test fixture with the specimen face down on the base fixture, adjust the round groove of the test fixture to align with the load shaft, so that the load shaft is inserted into the round groove of the test fixture;

9、According to the standard set number of times, start the switch to start the test, and automatically stop when the set number of times is reached:

10、Take off the specimen, and compare the standard sample photo in the rating box.