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Martindale Abrasion Pilling Tester/Fabric Flat Grinding Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-03 Click:40

Test principle:

Martindale wear-resistant pilling tester/fabric flat grinder The round sample is placed under a fixed pressure, and the standard friction medium is in accordance with Li Sharu figure ( Lissajous) orbit for friction. In addition, the sample holder wrapped with friction medium can also rotate freely about its own axis and the plane of the sample plate. The evaluation of the anti-wear performance of textiles is judged by the changes of the surface before and after friction.

The mass of the sample holder and the spindle is (18±2) g. The appearance change of the test sample is evaluated by comparing the sample before and after rubbing.

Application range:

Martindale abrasion resistant pilling tester/fabric flat grinder can detect the abrasion resistance and pilling of various fabrics ball performance. Under a certain pressure, the sample and the abrasive are subjected to continuous inversionrunning friction and the degree of wear and pilling is assessed by comparison with the standard parameters. Touch screen operation, equipped with a full-featured programmer, pre-programmed batch and total count, individually sets the count of each test head; 4 speeds including standard speed can be selected.

Standard Conformance:

ASTM D4970; ISO 12945.2; GB/T 4802.2/13775/21196.1/21196.2; ASTM D4966; /5690; ISO 12947.1/12947.2 M&S P17/P19/P19C; NEXT 18/18a/18b; ISO 5470-2; IWTO-40, JIS L1096 8.17.5 Method E; Woolmark TM 112/196; 13770;ISO 20344;

Technical parameters:

1. Number of stations: 9 digits;

2. Count range: 0~999999 times

3. Movement: horizontal 60.5 ± 0.5 mm, vertical 24 ± 0.5 mm

4. Mass under pressure:

a. Holder: 200±1g

b. Garment sample weight: 395±2g

c. Furniture decoration sample weight: 594±2g

d. Stainless steel butterfly valve: 260±1g

5. Effective rubring diameter of the grinding block:

Type A 200g (1.96N) friction head (9KPa) ¢ 28.8 -0.084mm

B Type 155g (1.52N) friction head (12KPa) ¢ 90-0 .10mm

6. The relative movement speed between the gripper and the grinding table: 20-70r/min (adjustable)

7. The mass of the sample loading hammer: 2385 ±10g