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Manual friction color fastness tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:21

Product introduction

Manual rubbing color fastness tester is used to test the degree of discoloration of dyed and printed fabrics and leather after rubbing. It is suitable for textiles such as yarn dyed weaving, printing and dyeing, and is suitable for testing dyed fabrics. The design of this machine is compact and sturdy, with smooth shaking, low resistance, stable housing without shaking, easy to use and high test reproducibility.

Test method: Under certain conditions, the sample is rubbed against a small white cloth with standard rubbing, and the degree of staining transferred to the small white cloth is evaluated with a gray card. Wrap the rubbing hammer in a dry or wet white cotton cloth, then rub back and forth on the test piece clamped on the test table to evaluate the paint fastness level.

Manual Friction Color Fastness Tester Standards: astm-d2054-63, aatcc-8-52, iso-105-c06

GB/ T3920 \"Textile Color Fastness Tests Color Fastness to Rubbing\"

GB/T5712 \"Textile Color Fastness Testing Color Fastness to Organic Solvents Rubbing\"

GB/T420 \"Textile Resistance Test Method for Color Fastness to Brushing\"

Technical Specifications

Type single hammer manual

Test piece: 140×50 mm

Load: 9N

Friction distance: 100 mm

Friction hammer: ф16, 19 ×25mm optional

Counter: General counter, 0~9999

Volume: 70×24×22cm

Weight: 8kg