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Major Factors Related To Abrasive Wear

Author:QINSUN Released in:2019-08 Click:898

Abrasive wear occurs when a hard surface or hard particles pass over a soft surface, causing loss of material.There are several factors that influence the occurrence of abrasive wear and the way a material is removed. Various mechanisms are used to define the way the material is eliminated. The three major mechanisms related to abrasive wear are:

Fragmentation - This takes place when a certain material is separated from a façade through a cutting process. This results in indenting abrasive that can cause localized fracture within the wear material. Cracks spread freely throughout the wear, leading to further material removal.

Cutting - This occurs when a material separates from a surface in tiny chips or debris, with only minimal or no displacement to both of the groove sides. This is similar to conventional machining.

Plowing - This occurs when there is material displacement sideways, moving away from the particles of wear. This results in groove formation that does not involve removal of material. The displaced material creates ridges along the grooves that may be eliminated by consequent abrasive material passage.