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Main mechanism and installation and debugging instructions of electric friction color fastness tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:27

​Electric rubbing color fastness meter is suitable for dry and wet rubbing color fastness testing of various colored textiles to evaluate the color fastness of fabrics to rubbing. Applicable to \"Test Method for Color Fastness to Rubbing Textiles\" and \"Test Method for Color Fastness to Rubbing Textiles to Organic Solvents\".

1. The main mechanism of electric friction color fastness tester:

This machine consists of reduction mechanism, motor, four-bar linkage mechanism , a base part and a control part.

This machine is a reciprocating friction machine, which consists of micromotor → reduction mechanism → four-bar linkage → lever. The friction head is mounted on the lever, thereby converting the rotational motion of the motor into the reciprocating motion of the friction head. .The workbench can move forward and backward and is suitable for multiple tests on a sample, or for clamping multiple samples at the same time for multiple tests. Samples are clamped using an eccentric clamping mechanism, distributed on both sides of the workbench.

The reduction mechanism consists of a worm gear shift and a first-stage gear shift.

The four-bar linkage mechanism consists of a crank, a connecting rod and a pulley. The base part is equipped with a workbench, a support mechanism, lever components, a guide roller guide rail, a water bearing frame, a reduction part and of a motor, which are also installed on the base. The control part is installed inside the cover and on the panel. The automatic control part adopts electronic digital preset and Hall non-contact counting device.

2. Installation and rAdjustment of electric friction color fastness meter:

The color fastness meter should be placed on the platform. If the friction head needs to be replaced, loosen the hex nut then loosen. For the friction head, replace it with a new friction head so that the friction surface of the friction ion head is parallel to the contact surface of the workbench. If it is not parallel, the washer can be adjusted to correct the problem. The weight of the new friction head should be the same as the weight of the original friction head. Additionally, when testing other color fastness tests related to rubbing color fastness, different test durations can be set depending on the specific test requirements. Place a container under the water rolling frame to allow the rolling water to flow into the container and use it as a container for the test liquid. When\'instrument is not in use, the stand must be rotated to clear the friction head from the workbench.