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Load and sag test SCHAP أداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:22

SCHAP Load and Deflection Test Test

The vertical piston is electromechanically driven with a variable speed motor, mounted on an X-Y manual gantry with travel lock. The piston has both a displacement sensor and a load sensor mounted on the bottom plate, above the included adapter.

The fixed mounting plate at the bottom is made of flat steel with a 4\'\'Array? - 13 threaded holes to clamp the test sample by thread if necessary.

The inspection of the ILD part uses a special inspection table with pre-loaded springs at the four corners, due to the height of the sample is established by the push rod touching the surface of the platform at the start of the test.

The special inspection of the table also reduces the possibility of overloading the load cell by pressing it against a hard surface. The preload test table is compressible, but not understandssible above a preload value slightly lower than that of the load cell. The belt surface of the test table has Rflow ventilation holes to allow trapped air to escape.

The P.C. side control system is housed in a stand-alone medium. Minimal operator training. Once the operator has entered all relevant test parameters into the system, it automatically executes the load-deformation test sequence or ILD test sequence.

Once the test completed, generates a test report and prints it. IT out. In the case of load-strain testing, the printed file is a color plot with all parameter information printed in the appropriate window area around the edges. The hysteresis energy calculation is also displayed on the window diagram.