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Little knowledge of Taber Abraser معدات اختبار

Author: Released in:2022-12-13 Click:39

Product introduction

The Taber Abraser is the most functional accelerated wear tester available. The test function can be changed by changing the accessories. Then, Shanghai Qianshi will introduce Taber Abraser\'s small knowledge for you, hoping to serve you.

This machine is suitable for testing leather, cloth, paint, paper, flooring, plywood, glass, natural rubber, etc. The method is to cut the test piece with a standard cutter, use a specified type of grinding wheel and load a certain weight to bear it, remove the test piece after reaching the specified number of revolutions, observe the condition of the test piece after grinding or the weight of the test piece before the test and the weight after the test. The weight difference, optional grinding wheel models: H18, H22, CS17, S32, S33.

Features of Taber Abraser

The wear resistance tester uses a specific type of grinding wheel. Under a certain load, the test piece is worn out, and the weight loss of the test piece after a fixed number of laps is used to evaluate the wear resistance of the test piece. For wear-resistant materials, visually measure the situation of scratches on the surface to assess.

The test piece is made into a disc shape with a diameter of about φ110mm, which rotates on the test piece clamp at a stable speed, and the test piece drives the grinding wheel to rotate around the test piece to carry. Judging the weight difference before and after sanding, or evaluating the abrasion resistance of the damaged surface, it is a wear test with the widest range of test types, such as: fabric, rubber, plastic, leather, glass, floor tiles, etc. applicable to this test model.

Using Taber Abraser

Suitable for leather, fabric, paint, paper, abrasion test of floor tiles, plywood, glass, natural rubber, etc. Use a certain type of grinding wheel and load a certain weight to wear it. After the specified speed, take out the test piece, observe the condition of the test piece after grinding, or compare the weight before and after the test.

Taber Abraser Specifications

Sample: outer diameter 108 mm, inner diameter 8 mm

Load: 250 g, 500 g, 1000 g

Counter: 6-digit electronic display, automatic stop

Test disc speed: 60.70 rpm or specified

Machine size: (30x43x30)cm

Machine weight: about 30kg

Plastic: CS17, H18, H22

Power supply: AC220V 50HZ