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Lithium battery CB testing and certification standards and items

Author:QINSUN Released in:2021-09 Click:490

Recently, many lithium battery manufacturers have come to qinsun to inquire about CB testing and certification. If you want to know what standards are needed for lithium battery CB testing and certification and the many questions about what items are tested, today I will give you an article in this issue. To introduce, the IECEE-CB system is a system for the global mutual recognition of electrical product safety test results established by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Electrical Product Qualification Testing and Certification Organization (IECEE). The CB system is based on the IEC Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards for related electronic and electrical equipment approved by IECEE, and realizes mutual recognition of the test results of 19 categories of electrical products including batteries, household appliances, information electrical equipment, and medical electrical equipment. . And different products will have different test content, please see below for details:

Lithium battery CB testing and certification standards and items
  1. Scope of battery CB certification testing
  2. Various power secondary batteries (such as batteries for power vehicles, batteries for electric road vehicles, batteries for electric tools, batteries for hybrid vehicles, etc.);
  3. Various mobile phone batteries (such as lithium ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, etc.);
  4. Various small secondary batteries (such as laptop batteries, digital camera batteries, camcorder batteries, various cylindrical batteries, wireless communication batteries, portable DVD batteries, CD and MP3 player batteries, etc.).
  5. Lithium battery CB test report test items
  6. Discharge performance (such as 20℃ discharge performance, high and low temperature discharge performance)
  7. Charge retention capability
  8. Cycle life
  9. Environmental adaptability test (such as temperature cycle, constant humidity and heat, vibration, collision, free fall)
  10. Highly simulated test
  11. Safety performance test (such as overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, short circuit protection performance)
  12. Battery safety requirements (such as heavy object impact, thermal shock, overcharge, overdischarge, high current discharge, short circuit, squeeze, forced discharge)

Three, lithium battery CB test report application notes

  1. Fill in the CB test certificate application form in English (typing);
  2. The English name of the China Electrotechnical Product Certification Committee should be filled in between the four small black dots on the upper right of the first page of the application form;
  3. Fill in the application date clearly;
  4. If the applicant and the manufacturer are the same unit, fill in the same name and address in the column respectively;
  5. In the column of the components used in the whole machine that have obtained the CB test certificate, if any, the name of the component and its CB certificate number should be filled in;
  6. The legal representative signs, the name of the legal representative is typed in Chinese Pinyin with a typewriter, and the legal representative signs in person.

Well, the above is the introduction of all the standards and items of lithium battery CB testing and certification. If you want to know more about the CB certification price, how much is the CB certification, the validity period of the CB certification, the CB certification standards, etc., you can consult us qinsun instruments, Qinsun Testing (UONE) is a professional and authoritative third-party inspection agency. It has more than ten years of testing and certification experience and has served thousands of companies. We will wholeheartedly provide you with the most professional services. This article is edited by qinsun testing editor to publish matters concerning the certification of lithium batteries.