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Leather abrasion test method اختبار

Author: Released in:2022-12-07 Click:29

Leather abrasion test method اختبار

Product Introduction

The leather abrasion tester is a rotating sample against a pair of grindstones and a specified load is applied. When the sample rotates, the grinding wheel is driven to wear the sample. Abrasion loss weight is a test machine examined according to the weight difference before and after the test.

Executive Standard:

This machine complies with DIN-53754, 53799, 53109, TAPPI-T476, ASTM-D3884 , ISO5470-1, GB/T5478-2008 and other standard requirements

Test method:

1. Prepare for the test The grinding wheel (abrasive wheel) required for the sample material, the grinding wheel used for the dough is (rubber grinding wheel). The customer prepares several pieces of fine sandpaper for calibration of the grinding wheel

2. After cutting the stand test piece (outer diameter 108 mm, inner diameter 8 mm, thickness 3 mm), stick one side of the double-sided tape on the back of the test piece, remove the sticker on the other side, weigh the test piece and record the weight to four decimal places.

3. Confirm that the power supply voltage is AC220V, 50HZ

4. Lift the arm of the test rod and then put power on First, do a test drive to check whether the machine is working normally, then lift the test arm and vacuum arm, remove the test piece fixing nut and the "gasket (washer)", loosen the fixing screw with a wrench, take the fixed ring.

5. Cut the prepared fine sandpaper into the model of the test piece, put the center hole on the screw, put the gasket on it, and fix the nut with the test piece. Attach the fine sandpaper to the disc.

6. Insert the fixed ring, flatten the sandpaper and fix the fixed ring and fixed mountr with a wrench.

7. Select the grinding wheel according to the test standard and loosen and remove the grinding wheel fixing nut. After installing, tighten the grinding wheel to secure it.

8. According to the test standard, put the required weight in the weight counterweight (the weight put in this test machine is 750g)

9. Set the number of test rotations to 50 (you can set the number of test rotations according to the different needs of the test), put down the test arm and vacuum arm, turn on the power switch, and the vacuum cleaner switch and adjust the air volume, turn on the motor switch to start working. Rubber grinding wheel, before each operation of the test piece wear test, it must be sharpened 50 times with a fine grinding wheel

10. After 50 times of grinding with sandpaper, turn off the sandpaper out following the reverse steps of 4, 5, 6 and 7 and place the test piece according to the steps of 4, 5, 6 and 7.

11. Set the number of test rotations to 1000 times, stick the sand layer on the grinding wheel with a plastic patch, check whether the double-sided tape of the test piece is stable, and put the test piece Stick it on the test disc, then repeat the 10 steps.

12. When the set number of tests is reached, it will automatically stop working.

13. After stopping the machine, use a small brush to remove the sand layer on the leather surface, and remove the test piece together with the double-sided tape and weigh it with a precision scale,

Count to four decimal places, write it down and calculate the test value according to the formula.

A﹑The unit of the test result is expressed by wear index, the calculation method is as follows:

Abrasion loss weight (W0) = weight of test piece before test (W1) - weight of test piece after test (W2)

Wear index ( T ) = wear loss weight (W0) / test revolution number (N) × 1000

B ﹑Example:

The weight of test piece A (including the weight of the double-sided tape) before wear is 45.3953 g × 1000 = 45395.3 mg

After a test piece is worn, the weight of the test piece (including the weight of the surface tape) is 45.3185 g × 1000 = 45318.5 mg

Sanding times = 1000 times

Then wear index=(45395.3-45318.5)/1000*1000=76.8( mg )