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Issues to consider with the circular path pilling test method

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Pilling in clothing has always been a concern for consumers. This affects not only the appearance, but also the durability of clothes. In order to regulate the market and protect the interests of consumers, the National Committee for Administration of Standardization issued a series of standards for testing pilling GB/T4802-2008 \"Determination of pilling properties of textile fabrics\", including GB/T4802.1 - 2008 \"Determination of ball properties of textile fabrics with pilling, part 1: The circular locus method is widely used. Here are the issues to look out for with this test method.

1. Pilling -Count

The pilling count refers to the number of frictions between the brush of the circular track pilling instrument and the sample during the pilling test, the pilling count refers the number of frictions between the abrasive and the shelldbahn Pilling Tester Courir sample during the pilling test. When testing garments or fabrics for circular path pilling, the product standard usually takes precedence. If the product standard does not specify the number of pills, the test should be carried out according to the provisions of GB/T4802.1-2008 for different fabrics.

When testing a garment or fabric for circular path pilling, the provisions of product standards generally prevail. Hardware regulations are checked.

The relevant provisions of the current standard GB/T4802.1-2008 on the pilling number of substances are listed in Table 1.

Table 1 Pilling test parameters and applicable examples Types of fabrics

The fluffing process in the circular path pilling method mainly takes into account two aspects: the first concerns the washing of clotheslies. Handwashing consists of scrubbing many clothes with a brush; second, if the furniture is rough, is the probability that the fabric pilling is relatively high. In the modern laundry process, most of them are already washed by washing machines, and brushes are rarely used to scrub clothes, and the furniture they come into contact with when worn is relatively smooth and do not generate force similar to hair. As a result, the movement of the hairs in the fabric is relatively strong when tested, resulting in more pilling than when worn continuously. Therefore, when you actually wear the fabric, there will be no problem, but when tested, it will not meet the standard requirements.

2. Standard fabric

The standard fabric specified in GB/T4802.1-2008 is 2201 all-wool gabardine, and there will be more friction between fabrics whenthe use of clothing. Friction between the two trouser legs, armholes and furniture such as buttocks, sleeves, etc. So it is obviously senseless to rub against test fabrics with standard fabrics.Because when wearing, there is no friction like clothing fabrics and standard fabrics, but the mutual friction is the fabric itself -itself, so it is recommended to use the cloth itself as an abrasive, so that it is more like friction in use.

3. Evaluation of light boxes

GB/T4802.1 - 2008 also has clear requirements for light boxes. , because the distance between the sample and the light is different, the angle at which the light irradiates the sample is different, or whether the light can shine directly on the eyes will affect the evaluation result. Observe the pilling state of the sample when the light angle differs from that of the lumother. The photos taken when the angle of light is irradiated on the sample are respectively 15°, 45° and 90°. The difference is very large, so it is recommended to use a standard lightbox for the evaluation and place it at an appropriate angle according to the standard requirements rather than using other lightboxes or natural light instead.

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