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Introduction to the characteristics of vibration testing machine for road transportation simulation أداة الاختبار –

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-09 Click:24

Introduction to the characteristics of the simulated shock vibration tester for road transportation

The purpose of the simulated transportation vibration table is to carry out a series of controllable vibration simulations in the experiment to test whether the product can withstand transportation or vibration test. Environmental factors during the life cycle can also determine product design and functional requirements standards. According to statistical data, an improvement in the design level by 3% will increase recycling by 20% and reduce unnecessary expenses by 18%.

Objective of the experiment:
1. The solidity of the structure.
2. The loosening of the bond.
3. Wear of the protective material.
4. Damage to components.
5. Poor contact of electronic components.
6. Circuit short circuit and intermittent instability.
7. The standard value of each coin differs.
8.The simulated transport vibrating table eliminates defects five parts in advance.
9. Find the resonance relationship between parts, structure, package and transportation process, and improve its resonance factors. As for the vibration test procedure, it is necessary to evaluate the established test specifications, the authenticity of the luminaire design, the functional inspection during the test process and the evaluation, examination and the suggestion of the final specimen. The requirements of the simulated transportation vibration test bench are to confirm the reliability of the product and eliminate the defective products in advance before leaving the factory, and to evaluate the failure analysis of the defective products in order to to become a high-level, high-level expert. reliability product.

The simulated conveying vibrating table is based on American and European conveying standards and is improved and manufactured.ue in reference to similar equipment in the United States. The eccentric shaft is used to generate a liptic motion eltrajectory during rotation to simulate the vibration and collision of goods during the transportation of cars or ships. Attach the test platform to the eccentric bearing. When the eccentric bearing rotates, the entire plane of the testing platform moves up and down in an elliptical shape. Adjusting the speed of the eccentric shaft with rotation is equivalent to adjusting the speed of a car or ship.

Standard Requirements:
ISTA testing standard is the American Transportation Association standard and ASTM is the American Society for Materials standard. Both standards require equipment to simulate transport vibration: amplitude is 25.4 mm (1 inch, fixed), frequency 1.5 to 5 Hz (or 100 to 300 rpm adjustable), test base is: T=14,200/CPM (based on total timevibration of 14,200 times), the test speed selection method.

Product use:
This machine is suitable for toys, electronics, furniture, gifts , ceramics, packaging and other products to perform simulated transport tests, in accordance with EN, ANSI, UL, ASTM, ISTA American, European and international transport standards.

Product features:
Low price, the price is only 10% of similar products in the United States
Digital instrument displays vibration frequency
Quiet and synchronous belt drive, extremely low noise
The sample clamping adopts guide rail type, easy to operate and safe
The machine base is made of steel Heavy-duty channel with shock-absorbing rubber pads, which is convenient for installation and stable operation, no need to install anchor screws
Vis regulationDC motor speed, stable operation and strong load capacity
Rotary vibration (commonly known as horse racing type), in line with European and American transportation standards

Main technical parameters:
Mesa size (MM): 1000*1200
Motor power: 1HP (750W)
Maximum load: 100KG
Speed ​​(rpm): 100~300RPM
Speed ​​adjustment method: DC DC speed regulation
Power supply: single-phase three-phase 220V 50HZ

Speed ​​display accuracy: 1RPM (rpm)
Vibration mode: alternating (horse racing, elliptical vibration)
Amplitude (P-P): 25.4 mm (1 inch)
Choice of units: H (hour), M (minute), S (second)
Time setting range: 0 seconds to 99 hours