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Introduction to the Characteristics of Standard Group Desktop Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:27

The Standard Group\'s desktop xenon lamp aging test chamber (cps) complies with:

ASTM D3424/D5071/D6695/G151/ G155;EPA/ASTM E896;ICH Guideline Q1BQ5C; ISO 10977/11431/11979-5/24443/4049/4892-1/4892-2/7491; Qualicoat

Standard group desktop xenon lamp aging test chamber (cps) scope of application:

The test chamber Atlas Suntest CPS desktop xenon lamp aging test is used to test the response of materials to light, heat and humidity over the long term in the end-use environment. The CPS series has always been the most widely used in the world. Desktop xenon lamp aging counter. The easy-to-use xenon lamp aging instrument is suitable for screening new materials used in different environments, such as quality control of materials and components, routine testinge during production, etc. The CPS series can monitor and control test parameters and ensure the repeatability and reproducibility of test results. The filtered xenon lamp can stably simulate late solar radiation, and the performance is not affected by the life of the xenon lamp. CPS series is suitable for packaging, cosmetics, printing inks, industrial fabrics, agricultural chemicals, construction sealants, dental materials and other fields.

Features of Standard Group Desktop Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber (cps):

Test Chamber - Most small economical xenon lamp test of Suntest series, the exposure area is 560 cm2.

Light source - air-cooled xenon lamp, irradiance controlled at 300-800 nm.

Control system - keypad control system with two lines ofLED display ; monitors and controls the irradiation and temperature of the black mark, monitors and displays the temperature of the test chamber; the microprocessor controls all parameters; user can calibrate and adjust irradiance; can store 6 user preset programs, each with up to 6 segments.

For more details, please search and visit: StandardGroup (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.