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Introduction to standard parameters of standard group needle flame testing machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-10 Click:30

Technical parameters of needle flame testing machine:
1. Needle burner: stainless steel, inner hole Φ0.5±0.1mm, outer diameter ≤Φ0.9mm, length ≥35mm;
2. Burner angle: Vertical (when adjusting and measuring flame height) or inclined at 45° (when testing);
3. Combustion gas: 95% butane gas or propane gas;
4. Kindling bedding layer: white pine board (thickness 10mm), the surface is covered with a layer of standard 12~30g/m2 tissue paper, 200mm±5mm from the point of application of kindling the flame;
5. Temperature range: 0-1000℃;
6. Flame temperature requirement: from 100 When ±2℃~700℃±3℃, it must be completed within 23.5±1.0 s;
7. Flame height: 12mm ± 1mm, height measuring device;
8. Power-on time: 0s ~ 999.9s available. Adjustment, usually set to 30 s;
9. Burning time: 0s ~ 999.9s, recordautomatic nt, manual pause;
10. Test space: ≥0.5 m3, black background, (can be customized according to customer requirements 0.75 cubic m3 or 1 m3);
11. Temperature sensor: Kd type isolation shielded galvanic couple (Φ0.5mm);
12. Automatic program control during testing, independent exhaust system;
13. Overall dimensions: L1120 * W520 * H1250mm, exhaust Φ100mm;
14. Test power supply: 220V/AC, 50Hz.

The needle flame testing machine conforms to the standards:
GB4706.1, GB5169.5-2008, IEC60695 -2-2IEC60695-11-5 and other relevant standards.