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Introduction of matrix measurement and control related products

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:42

Introducing products with matrix measurement and control

Tyre tread gauge (online tread measurement) two laser displacement gauges are installed in the scanning device to measure the thickness of the top and bottom of the tread.

A rotary encoder is installed in the scanning device to measure the amount of movement.

The device is installed between the rollers of the roller conveyor for measurement control, the encoder pulse and the output voltage of the up and down displacement meter are sent to the computer.

The computer converts the surface vertical displacement meter value to mm, and converts the encoder pulse value to mm , And perform profile measurement on the tread.
A graph mwith the width of the tread on the horizontal axis and the thickness on the vertical axis and with measurements such as the thickness and shoulder width of the part with pass/fail capability for each scan evaluator.


Even if the tread moves up and down, the measured value does not change. (Calculation of vertical displacement meter)

Automatic size calibration. The thickness gauge is placed on the side outside the measuring range and the thickness gauge is read and corrected for each scan.


Tread length gauge The front edge of the tread is detected by a laser displacement meter and the rear edge is measured by a camera and fluorescent light. A laser displacement meter and a multi-line image sensor camera (measuring range 500 mm) are mounted in series. Now the cut tread on the roller track passes the displacement meter of the power laser and detects the edge of the front. At the same time, the computer immediately takes a reading from the active rear view camera. Adjust the tool position if the average length value changes.

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Tube Outside Diameter Measuring Device
New ProductOscillating measuring system for total outer diameter circumference MTX-GT282-90M

We measureTotal circumferenceof plastic, rubber, metal, wire, hose
etc. with transportation inspection and quality control.

Static balance meter measure the amount and angle of
rotating bodies such as tires, wheels, gears and fan blades in cars and bicycles, and display it on the PC screen for data processing.


1. Online measurement can be performed by setting up the transport line.

2. High-speed processing for about 5 seconds (position, center, measure, release workpiece)2. strong>
3.The unbalance and angle are graphically displayed and the data is saved to the computer.
4. Carrying out production management (production quantity, defect rate) and quality control.