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Interpreting the Precautions for the Laser Particle Sizer

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:134

Laser particle size analyzer is a relatively general physical property measuring equipment for measuring powder particle size according to Mie scattering principle.

It has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, wide range, fast speed and convenient operation. It is ideal for particle size measurement in pharmaceutical powders and medical atomization in the pharmaceutical industry. It is widely used in processing fields.

The laser particle size analyzer has a wide range of applications and a wide range of particle sizes. Compared with traditional methods, the testing process is not affected by temperature changes and average viscosity;

Influenced by many factors such as sample density and the surface finish, as long as the sample to be tested is uniformly afstuck in the laser beam, accurate and reliable measurement results can be given.

At present, the particle size analyzer market in my country has a wide variety of products and complete functions, which can meet the needs of many scientific research institutions and experimental research.

Although particle size analyzers have been widely used, users need to pay close attention to several details when operating the equipment.

Note 1: Preheat the measuring unit.

Since the force analyzer is made of precision electronic components, the electronic components of the circuit have a key technical parameter;

When components are powered on, they will With the extension of time, the temperature changes, and the technical parameter change error caused by the changement of temperature is as small as possible. Therefore, the particle size analyzer should be powered up and warmed up.

According to technical personnel, generally speaking, in the first process of starting the particle sizer, the user should do preheating treatment when the particle sizer is turned off more than one half hour then turned on again.

Note 2: System alignment. The centering of the system consists in aligning the center of the laser beam of the granulometer with the center of the annular photodetector.

Note 3: System setting.

The technician said that in the main menu interface of the laser particle size analyzer, the operator should click \"Settings\" with the left mouse button, and the \"Settings\" submenu will appear on the screen;

In this column, specify: sample name, tester, etc., to ensure proper operation.normal operation of the equipment and the responsible person.

Note 4: Sample preparation.

It is reported that sample preparation refers to representative taking of appropriate data of the powder material to be tested as a measurement sample, and selection of a suitable suspension and dispersant;

The process of mixing the sample with the suspension and allowing the sample particles to disperse completely in the suspension without reacting chemically with the suspension and the dispersant.

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