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Interpretation of why the generator battery cannot be charged

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:56

Failure to charge the battery means that the voltage increases slowly when the battery is charged for a long time when the engine is working normally. The reasons are as follows:

1. The load line terminal is loose or corroded, which increases the resistance and reduces the current.

2. The battery plate is vulcanized, so that a layer of low conductivity white aluminum sulfate grains is attached to the surface. Once the large grains block the pores of the plate, it is difficult for the electrolyte to penetrate, resulting in an increase in internal resistance and the inability of current to flow.

3. Due to the use of high current to charge or discharge the battery, the specific gravity of the electrolyte is too large or the liquid level is not high enough, etc. ., the battery plate is damaged. When diagnosing, first check whethereach terminal is loose or corroded, then judge whether the plate is vulcanized according to the phenomenon during charging. If the electrolyte temperature rises rapidly during charging, or the charging time is not long, the electrolyte will generate a large number of bubbles, but the voltage does not increase, and the specific gravity of the electrolyte does not increase significantly, indicating that the plate has been vulcanized. When the vulcanization is not serious, you can pour out all the electrolyte, inject distilled water, and then charge it with a small current of about 2 amps for a long time to dissolve the aluminum sulfate, but it Care must be taken not to increase the temperature of the battery. When the specific gravity of the electrolyte does not increase within a few hours, it indicates that the battery is fully charged and then discharges.

After several charge and discharge cycles to restore the active material, if stillurs abnormal, replace it with a new one.