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Interpretation of the relevant use of laboratory explosion-proof refrigerators

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:121

Explosion-proof laboratory refrigerators are used to store chemical reagents, experimental reagents, etc. which are flammable, explosive, evaporable and corrosive.

Explosion-proof refrigerators are suitable for university laboratories and experimental sites of scientific research units. This is to avoid the loss of personnel or property caused by the explosion.

Humanized design, tempered glass partitions, easy storage of reagent bottles of different specifications Ultra-quiet fan equipped with noise reduction technology, the noise of the whole machine is less than 40 minutes and the lab environment is quieter The light and heat-tight foam door has a low-angle self-closing feature.

How to properly use the laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator:

How to use

1. Using the explosion-proof laboratory refrigerator Please read the instructions carefully before using the refrigerator. After purchasing or moving When using the explosion-proof refrigerator, you must let it stand for 2-6 hours before turning it on to avoid circuit failure.

2. Before using it for the first time or restarting it, first set the thermostat to the strong stop speed, then turn the thermostat knob to the third speed to start, so as not to burn out the compressor.

3. When the compressor is turned on, the compressor will work after 5 minutes. (Delay type explosion-proof solid state relay and overload protection and thermal protection devices are used)

4. Before use, operate the box empty for 2-6 hours. If the cooling effect is good, 5. In case of aaccident, the compressor cannot be started immediately after it has just been stopped. He must wait more than 5 minutes to avoid burning out the compressor.

6. Regularly remove the dust on the surface of the condenser and compressor, so as not to stop the machine and reach the temperature. It can be removed with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner. Do not spray and rinse with water, or add dust cover.

Maintenance Tips for Explosion Proof Laboratory Refrigerators:

1. Make sure the room temperature.

The working environment temperature of the ultra-low temperature refrigerator should be below 30°C, and the surrounding area should be well ventilated. Excessive temperature or poor ventilation can easily cause overload and equipment damage.

2. Regularly clean the ice on the door sealfrom the refrigerator.

The door seal is not waterproof, the insulation effect is seriously reduced, and it is easy to damage the compressor due to long-time overload operation term. Clean the radiator filter regularly (every two months).

If the filter is not cleaned for a long time, the dust will block the mesh, resulting in poor heat dissipation, resulting in damage to the heat dissipation motor, and therefore damage to the compressor. Please refer to the instruction manual for cleaning method.

3. During use, do not open the door too often, try to reduce the number of door openings, and shorten the opening time to reduce gas leakage in the box and save electricity.

4. The area around the explosion-proof refrigerator in the laboratory should be kept clean to prevent theft and being caught.e sucked into the condenser, which will affect the cooling effect.