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Interpretation of the method of increasing the cooling rate of the box-type vacuum atmosphere furnace

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:50

The box-type vacuum atmosphere furnace is suitable for sintering various new material samples under vacuum or atmosphere in industrial and mining enterprises, colleges, research institutes and laboratories. It can be used for chemical analysis, physical determination, sintering and melting of metals and ceramics, heating, roasting, drying and heat treatment of small steel parts.

The atmosphere furnace is an advanced experimental equipment, suitable for diffusion welding of metals, nanometers, single crystal silicon, polycrystalline silicon, batteries, etc., as well as heating equipment for the heat treatment of the atmosphere under the protection of vacuum gases. Mainly used for material testing, synthesis, sintering, etc. The furnace body has good thermal insulation performance, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable. The Four atmosphere can also be used for vacuum hot pressing sintering of composite materials, powder materials, structural ceramics and alloys.

There are several ways to increase the cooling rate of the box-type vacuum atmosphere furnace:

1. Nitrogen is introduced into the vacuum atmosphere furnace. box-type vacuum to remove heat from the sintered product.

2. The hole in the bottom of the box-type vacuum atmosphere furnace and the gap at the cold end of the silicon-molybdenum rod form gas convection to remove heat into the box type oven.

3. Air circulation cooling method, when cooling, the nitrogen gas filled in the furnace is pumped through the condensing tower, and then sent into the furnace, pay attention to leakage nitrogen gas and pay attention to safe recycling.

4. Transform the cooldown speedimprovement and improving relative work efficiency is a kind of work status that every company needs, and it is also a kind of improving mental outlook. The new method is to use new technologies to invest in new product plans.