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Interpretation of the method of checking that the indicated value of the pressure cannot be stabilized

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:46

Pressure gauge is a commonly used pressure instrument, which is mainly used to measure gauge pressure and absolute pressure of liquid and gas in various industries, and is widely used in many industries.

 During use, the displayed value cannot be stabilized and the pressure drops significantly
At this time, first check whether there is an oil leak at the connection between pressure gauge and pressure gauge calibrator. If there is no oil leak and the calibrator is intact, there is a leak inside the spring tube and the scale plate should be removed for further inspection .
1. There is trachoma in the base of the machine itself, which gradually leaks after long-term use. The base of the same specification must be replaced and the weld can be repaired by measuring the low pressure.
2. After an exprolonged position at the pulse pressure, the spring tube is tired or there is leakage at the sealing parts at both ends. The two sealing parts can be repaired or tightened, and the spring tube will be scrapped if broken.
3. Long-term corrosion by the measured fluid, the spring tube causes leakage. It is necessary to choose a corrosion-resistant pressure gauge and replace the spring tube if necessary.
4. Due to the quality of the spring tube, there are obvious cracks or breaks. It is necessary to replace the high-quality spring tube of the same specification and take the corresponding protective measures.
5. Improper selection of specifications, the measured pressure is close to the upper limit of gauge measurement, and the long-term pressure will cause fatigue and rupture. The pressure gauge of the appropriate specification should be carefully selected, and if the tube to be ressort is broken, the tube of the same specification must be replaced.