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Interpretation of the composition and working principle of friction and wear testing machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:69

The working principle of the friction and wear testing machine is that the wearing layer of the sample and the friction paper rub against each other at a specified speed under the action of the load friction body. The wear resistance of the ink layer (or coating) is judged by measuring the decrease in density (or the decrease in coating thickness) before and after rubbing.

For those new to friction and wear testing machine, it is not easy to understand its structure;

Then , you want to know the friction and wear testing machine What is the composition and working principle of the wear testing machine? Let\'s find out together!

Components of Friction and Wear Testing Machine

1. Drive System

< br/> The main shaft and its drive system is made up of a series of hardware products, such asmotors supplying power, toothed belts driving equipment, etc. This system is similar to the prelude before the system starts, and the equipment can only start normally with the help of the drive system.

2. Force application system of the friction and wear testing machine

The force application system of the force can exert a certain The force value of the component is controlled by the different colored buttons on the device.

3. Frictional torque

The frictional torque directly determines the use of this equipment, generally composed of a series of metal parts, many testing machines are named It is also named according to the function of the friction pair, such as spindle-disc, reciprocating, etc.

4. Friction and wear testing machine data acquisition system

(1) The photoelectric encoder transputs the measured speed signals to the spindle speed measurement control system and the spindle speed measurement and display system;

(2) The sensor pressure is converted into an electrical signal and transmitted to the test force measurement system for digital display of the test force;

(3) The friction measurement sensor transmits the measured signal to the friction measurement and display system of the friction and wear testing machine for digital display and automatic recording.

(4) Friction and Wear Testing Machine Microcomputer Control System

Machine Working Principle Friction and Wear Testing

1. Ring-Disc Friction: Used to study the run-in performance of surface nano-sized medium carbon steel under lubricated conditions .

Principle: The ring sample isinstalled on the lower end of the main shaft through a special fixture, the disk sample is installed in the platter and loaded by the force system under the platter, and the main shaft is driven by a current motor continued. Driven by the pin to rotate the sample.

2. Pin-on-disk friction: It is used to study the influence of nanoparticles on the friction and wear properties of composite materials under dry friction ionic conditions.

3. Four-ball friction:

(1) For the use of sulfurized isobutylene Friction and wear testing of lubricants in minimum quantity as additives.

(2) Investigate the friction and wear properties of oil and oil-containing additives

(3) During the test, the upper steel ball rotates and the lower steel ball is fixed, the load is evenly loaded on three fixed steel balls atthrough the sensor. Friction and wear properties of ultra-thin manganese phosphate conversion coatings.

4. Fixing the steel plate at the lower end, the nylon ring is tightened and rotated by the device of the testing machine to study the friction performance and wear of nylon parts

5. Lining friction:

(1) Used for wear characteristics of Al2O3 - 13wt. % TiO2 ceramic coating and WC cemented carbide friction pair under dry friction conditions.

(2) Dry friction and wear performance test of flame sprayed ETFE coating

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