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Interpretation of solution to vacuum drying oven air leak

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:156

For the investigation and solution of the air leak in the vacuum drying box, we can start with the following points:
1. The hardest thing to check for air leaks air in the vacuum drying box is the air leaking from the inner tank, and water should be poured inside the box, then close the door to vacuum, then turn the box upside down, s\' there is a bubble in a certain position, it is the leak point, if possible, use argon arc welding.
2. You can also inject nitrogen into the vacuum oven of the vacuum drying box and deposit the foam in the place where there may be a leak. If the foam continues to expand, there is a gap;
3. Prepare a bucket of lye water and a syringe, take the syringe and inject lye water into the where you think there is a leak, observe carefully if there is a bubble point at the injection siteion, this proves that this point is a vanishing point.