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Interpretation of relevant principles of infrared thermometers

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:51

Infrared thermometer technology is a kind of passive infrared night vision technology. The principle is based on the fact that all objects in nature with a temperature above zero (-273°C) continuously emit infrared rays;

At the same time, this type infrared radiation carries information about the thermal characteristics of the object, which provides an objective basis for using infrared technology to distinguish the temperature level and heat distribution field of various measured targets.

With this feature, after converting the power signal radiated by the heating part of the object into an electrical signal through the photoelectric infrared detector, the imaging device can simulate the surface temperature space of the object one by one. Distribution;

Finally, after processing by the system, a video signal of image thermal is formed, which is transmitted to the display screen, and a thermal image corresponding to the distribution of the surface of the object is obtained.

Other scientific research: archeology and protection of cultural relics, space experiment, aerodynamics, laser and fiber optic research, crash test, volcano research, greenhouse effect, storm sand, mining, etc.

Electronics and electronics: microelectronics, chips, electronic components, powerful electrical equipment, etc. Animals and plants: drug property and efficacy testing, new species cultivation, animal habits, growth environment, laser hair removal, microorganisms, medical research, etc.

The application scope of infrared thermometers is extremely wide, and with the continuous development and popularization of infrared technology, new applications areconstantly developed. At present, there are mainly several categories of applications.

Fold scientific research chemistry and chemical industry: chemical reaction process monitoring, reaction equipment monitoring, product performance testing, etc.

Materials research: organic materials, inorganic materials, composite materials, 3D printing materials, nanomaterials, elastic materials, etc.

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