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Interpretation of relevant measurement principles of torque testing machine

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-05 Click:60

The electro-hydraulic servo testing machine is used for static testing of various materials, with high accuracy and repeatability;

It can be used for tensile testing of various materials in accordance with relevant national regulations. or international standards Tensile, compression, bending, shear and peel tests, as well as deformation test methods or other more advanced test methods.

Electro-hydraulic Servo Test Machine Maintenance Essentials

1. The hydraulic oil of the electro-hydraulic servo test machine should be checked frequently and replenished on time. Oil;

Generally, the oil should be changed every 2000 to 4000 hours of use, but it is important that the oil temperature does not exceed 70°C, and The cooling system should be turned on when the oil temperature exceeds 60°C.

Filters: Filters without a clogging indicator are typically replaced every 6 months.

For filters with clogging indicators, they must be constantly monitored and replaced immediately when the indicator alarms.

2. The cleaning and cleaning of the electro-hydraulic servo testing machine will inevitably produce dust during the test;

Such as scale, metal debris, etc., if not cleaned in time, will not only cause wear and scratches on the surface of some parts;

What is more serious is that if these dusts enter the hydraulic system of the hydraulic testing machine, it will have very serious consequences such as blocking the valve hole and scratching the surface of the piston;

Thus, cleaning after each use is very important, and the testing machine should be kept clean.

Use appropriate fasteners to perform the corresponding test, otherwise not only will the test not be very successful, but also the fastener will be damaged. Typically, electro-hydraulic servo testing machines are only equipped with fixtures for standard samples;

If you want to make non-standard samples, such as steel strands, lapped steel, etc., you need to add appropriate fasteners;

There are also some ultra-hard materials, such as spring steel, etc., which must use material clips, otherwise the light fixture will be damaged.

3. The accumulator of the electro-hydraulic servo testing machine. Some hydraulic testing machines are equipped with an accumulator. Accumulator pressure should be within normal operating conditions. Add pressure right away.

Regular inspection of components:

All pressure control valves, flow control valves, pump regulators and pressure relays, limit switches, thermal relays All signaling devices should be inspected regularly .


The balance of the air-cooled cooler should be cleaned regularly; the water-cooled chiller should be regularly observed whether the cooling copper pipe is broken The phenomenon of water leakage.

The lead screw and the transmission part of the electro-hydraulic lic servo testing machine should be lubricated regularly to prevent dry friction.

4. Electro-hydraulicThe fixtures of the servo testing machine should be locked regularly:

The vibration after the breakage of the sample often causes some fasteners to break. loosen, so regular inspections should be carried outctues (normal use for approximately 30 working days) to avoid major loss due to loose fasteners.

Other Inspections: Be vigilant and pay close attention to detail, you can catch signs of accidents early and prevent major accidents.

This is particularly the case when the equipment is put into service for the first time. Always be aware of external leaks, contamination, damaged components, and unusual noises from pumps, couplings, etc.

The operator of the instrument should carefully read and understand the maintenance of the instrument, maintain the instrument well, keep the instrument clean, parts and accessories complete and safe, and ensure the normal operation of the deviceinstrument.

To sum up, the above is the answer to the operation and maintenance of servo electrohydraulic testing machine for you. I believe that everyonecan understand after reading it. I hope this can be useful to you.