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Interpretation of Reasons for Refrigeration Oil Deterioration in High and Low Temperature Humidity and Heat Test Chambers

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:125

After the deterioration of the refrigeration oil in the high and low temperature humidity test chamber, what adverse effects will it have on our instruments? If water is mixed with the refrigeration oil, the viscosity will decrease, which will cause metal corrosion. This is one of the main culprits; if the refrigeration oil is accidentally oxidized, a large amount of residue will be generated, which will deteriorate the lubrication of bearings, etc. This is the second main culprit. ; The rest of the danger factors can be found in the editor\'s analysis below:

1. Mixed with water: Due to air infiltration into the system of refrigeration of high and low temperature humidity and heat test chamber, air humidity is mixed with refrigeration oil; the refrigerant When the water content of the oil is high, the water will also be mixed with the refrigeration oil. When the water thst mixed with refrigerator oil, the viscosity decreases, causing metal corrosion. In freon refrigeration system, it will also cause \"ice plug\" phenomenon;

2. Oxidation: When using refrigeration oil, when the compressor exhaust temperature is high, it may cause oxidation deterioration, especially refrigerating machine oil with low chemical stability, which is more likely to deteriorate. After some time, residue will form in the oil of the refrigerating machine, which will deteriorate the lubrication of the bearings and other places. The mixture of organic fillers and mechanical impurities in the refrigeration oil will also accelerate its aging or oxidation;

3. Mixed use of refrigeration oil: when several different brands of refrigeration oil are used in combination, the viscosity of refrigerated oilration the oil will decrease, it will even destroy the formation of the oil film and damage the bearing; If the two types of refrigeration oil contain antioxidant additives with different properties, when mixed, chemical cChanges may occur, forming deposits and compressing high and low temperature test chambers. The lubrication of the machine is affected, so be careful when using it.

4. There are impurities in the refrigeration oil.