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Interpretation of Paperless Recorder Common Fault Analysis

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:140

The paperless recorder has become an indispensable tool. According to the change value recorded by the paperless recorder, it can reflect the temperature and humidity changes in storage, production, transportation and other processes at any time, and through the PC analysis software , it is helpful for enterprises to have effective management, analysis and induction, which greatly improves work process and efficiency.

Analysis of common paperless recorder failures:

1. The instrument does not work when powered on.

A Check that the wiring of the 220V power supply terminal of the meter is correct;

B Check if the meter fuse is blown;

C Unscrew the fixing screw behind the meter Remove it from the front, and check if the cable of the power board is well connected with the main board

2 .The LCD backlight is bright,but there are no characters or curves displayed.

Check if the instrument indicates that the cable is properly connected.

3. The channel does not enter the number, that is, the signal value of the channel is changed, and the display value of the channel does not change.

A Use a multimeter to measure whether the signal on the terminal is normal;

B Check if the channel module switch and signal type are set correctly;

C Open the case, check if the channel signal cable is properly connected.

4. Channel measurement value is not accurate.

A Check whether the signal type setting in the channel parameter setting is consistent with the actual access signal type;

B Whether the switch setting of the channel module is consistent with the type of call signal;

C Check whether the signal wiring is correct and whether the signal cable is in good contact;

D Afters having confirmed that there is no problem with the above, recalibrate the instrument (note that the accuracy of the signal source must be greater than 0.1% ) If the meter is calibrated