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Interpretation of common faults and solutions of small electronic platforms

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-06 Click:134

Various faults often occur when using small electronic scales. Let\'s introduce the common faults and solutions of small electronic scales:

1. The numbers displayed on the screen are unstable when the electronic scale weighs.

Solution: First check whether the electronic scale is placed on a horizontal plane and the four scale feet are level, then readjust the position of the electronic scale and the scale feet.

2. When the electronic weighbridge is turned on, the screen displays irregular numbers and jumps.

Solution: In this case, the water vapor in the weighbridge junction box is often too heavy or water has entered. You should quickly disassemble the junction box to check if water has entered and dry it with a hair dryer.

3. After the electronic platform is turned on normally, the weighing result is lighter orheavier.

Solution: At this point it is necessary to recalibrate according to the instruction manual. If the electronic scale problem is still not resolved after the calibration is completed, it can essentially be confirmed as the cause of the scale sensor damage.

4. After the weighing of the electronic platform is completed, the display still does not return to zero after removing the object to be weighed.

Solution: The above situation should be that signal attenuation is caused by line damage. Carefully check whether the electronic platform data cable is damaged and replace it in time if it is.

5. After power on, the electronic scale display does not respond.

Solution: Check carefully if the power cable is in good condition, if the display cable is in good condition, and replace it immediately if damaged. If there is noIf there is a problem with the line connection, it can only be considered that there is a problem with the display motherboard or the hardware. At this time, the only option is to contact the manufacturer and return it to the factory for repair.