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Instructions for use for Aggregate Weak Particle Tester Aggregate Weak Particle Tester

Author:QINSUN Released in:2023-04 Click:30

Aggregated Weak Particle Test

1. Purpose and scope

Determining the content of weak particles in gravel, gravel and crushed gravel

Tand second, instruments and materials

1. A scale or platform scale, with a weight of 5 kg, the sense of weight does not exceed 5 g

2. Standard sieve: includes 5mm, 10mm, 20mm round hole sieve, or 4.75mm.9.5mm, 16mm square hole sieve

3. Press

4. Others: shallow plate, brush, etc.

Third, test steps

Weigh 2kg air-dried sample, if the particle size is more than 40mm, weigh 4kg, sieve in 5-10mm, 10-20mm and above 20mm (or sieve with square holes 4.75-9.5mm, 9.5-16mm, 16mm or higher) every 1 portion: place each particle in the center of the press platform and apply a load of 0.15 kn , 0.25 kn, 0.34 kn according to the size of the particle The broken particle is a weak particle, throw it away , and weigh the unbroken particle Quality

Fourth, calculation

Calculate the content of weak particles according to the formula , accurate to 0.1%


In the formula: P-coarse aggregate soft particle content%

ml-the total mass of each particle size in g

m2- the total mass of intact particles of each size class after the test

5. Meter usage method

1. Power installation: Plug the input connector of the power adapter into the AC220V (or AC110V) socket, insert the plug of the output socket into the socket on the right side of the meter box and turn on the power switch. 5 -7V, the meter displays DC-L. Remind the operator to charge the meter.

2. Power on: turn on the power switch and power on screen, then it will change to 0.0. You can weigh at this time. If the position is not 0.0 after power on, press the zero key to clear it. When it shows 0.0, carry away ways.

3. Overweight: When the weight exceeds the maximum weight, FULLdisplayed. If overweight occurs, remove the heavy objects on the weighing panel to protect the sensor from damage

4. Zero setting: After inserting the collection disc before the test, you can press the zero key to reset, and then perform the pressure test. After removing the test bucket, the display will be displayed Negative tare weight can be reset to zero by pressing the zero button print

5. Power: Press the power button and DCxxx is displayed. The general voltage should be between 5.7-6.5V If it is less than 6V, the power is almostinsufficient

6. Lock: Press the lock button to lock the weight. At this point, the weight does not change, so it can be recorded and repeated. Pressing the lock key toggles between locking and releasing

7. Shutdown: turn turns off the power switch. When you don\'t use it for a long time, please unplug the power adapter

6. Ocomments

1. Move the instrument

2. Try to use AC power in places with AC power. There is a charging protection in the motor. Don\'t worry about overcharging and damaging the battery, on the contrary, it will preserve the battery

3. Keep this product dry and tidy. Use near fire sources, direct sunlight and high temperature places.